"She's my friend... but this is my mother."
Caryn, regarding her relationship with Big Mama and the Queen respectively (from Aliens vs. Predator: Deadliest of the Species)

Caryn Delacroix, also known as Ash Parnall or The Renegade, was the genetically engineered "Trophy consort" of a company man named Lucien Delacroix.


Caryn Delacroix is tormented by countless dreams of a Predator which later turns out to be real. The Predator abducts her after killing the Trophy Wife of her stepson and her bodyguard. She is taken to a Xenomorph-infested island where the Predator seemingly begins to hunt her. Eventually, she is rescued and the Predator is captured and taken back to a lab. She later goes to save the Predator who is nicknamed "Big Mama" and upon doing so begins to discover her origin as Ash Parnall.

When Big Mama is captured by the Queen Mother, Caryn takes her place as the next Royal host. Eventually, herself and Big Mama team up with a group of mercenaries and the most unlikely ally: the Mother Queen. Eventually, she learns that the A.I. program which her former life, Ash Parnall created, plans to harness the powers of both the Aliens and Predator species for its own gain. Its creations, the white hybrids, begins to spread upon their king hatching from Caryn's stepson, Willem, but before Caryn can do anything to stop Toy, the Chestburster emerges from her body and kills her. She is later seen during the final battle (seemingly as an AI) talking with TOY. The alien that came from her aids the Predator and the Mercenaries against the Hybrid King which is eventually killed when a Hybrid Chestburster emerges from the Queen Mother who grabs the Hybrid King right before it emerges, causing it to burst through it as well (the Chestburster is consequently killed by Big Mama). Shortly after, Ash Parnall is revived and kills the lifeless Lucien Delacroix which in turn destroys TOY. She then leaves with Big Mama and the Xenomorph that hatched from Caryn.

Personality and Traits[]

Caryn is a genetically enhanced human who is able to change appearances and is a trophy-wife to a wealthy individual. Caryn is unique in that she is the only (sane and non-fanatic) person to willingly allows herself to be facehugged—and in fact, put the facehugger on her face herself—as opposed to the Fanatics who just waited by the egg. After the chestburster erupted from her, thanks to her genetically enhanced body she was able to regenerate and come back as Ash Parnall, who is very different personality-wise, less merciful and colder.


An unholy trinity.

Caryn is very similar to Ripley and Ripley-8 in that there are two incarnations of this character in which their personalities are different. Caryn is heroic and sacrifices herself for the greater good as did Ripley, while the other is slightly darker than her. Basically, Caryn, the genetically enhanced human, is the good one, while Ash Parnell is colder—this is reversed for Ripley, who's enhanced clone is apathetic.