Carrie Adams was a resident of Gunnison, Colorado who, in 2004, became involved in the Xenomorph outbreak that ultimately led to the destruction of the town.

Carrie was killed after being impregnated by the Predalien, dying when the resultant Bellybursters erupted from her stomach.


Prior to infestation

Carrie Adams owned a diner in Gunnison, Colorado and was married to Deputy Ray Adams. In time she became pregnant with Ray's child. Additionally she also had a good relationship with Dallas Howard.

She became worried when her husband did not return after a search mission, not knowing he had been killed by Wolf during that mission.

Xenomorph infestation

007AVP Gina Holden 002

Carrie shortly before being impregnated.

When Gunnison became infested with Xenomorphs, the Xenomorphs attacked the diner and killed her fry cook, Ritchie. She was then impregnated by the Predalien with Bellybursters, which later erupted from her stomach, killing Carrie and her unborn child.

Her corpse full of Bellybursters was later discovered by Darcy Benson.




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