"You need to be like me, little Carmen. Be ready to kick some ass and take some. Anytime, anywhere."
―Pvt. Jenette Vasquez (from Aliens: Colonial Marines)

Private Carmen Vasquez was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. She was the younger sister of Jenette Vasquez. Carmen was part of an undisciplined squad of Marines that saw themselves waging war against the Xenomorph species and the mysterious Bug-Men.

Carmen died in a brief last stand against a horde of Xenomorphs that eventually overpowered and killed her.


First encounter at KL-7

Carmen was part of a highly undisciplined squad of marines who were recently assigned the "lowest detail in the corps" - docking KL-7, an Alphatech 'sungun' (stellar incineration mass driver) toxic waste disposal facility and not only delivering refuse to the facility but also transporting Alphatech executive Beliveau and his security team to the station. Lt Joseph Henry is also recently assigned as Commanding Officer to the squad. Before cryostasis aboard the vessel USS Melville, Carmen and the rest of the squad meet Henry, supervised by Sergeant Nyland. Carmen is hostile and acts cocky towards Henry in front of her squadmates, but she later shuts up after Henry brings up her "long list of insubordination and screw ups" and clear inferiority to her now deceased older sister Jenette Vasquez.


Carmen waking up after hypersleep.

Due to the Melville receiving no reply from the facility, as well as Beliveau's security who had boarded the facility to investigate, Henry decides to wake the marines up from hypersleep. Still in her chamber, Carmen dreams of the advice her older sister once gave her of being "ready to kick some ass and take some. Anytime Anywhere" before she is suddenly woken up by Nyland. However, she and the rest of the undisciplined marines refuse to gear up and comply, despite Nyland's outrage. Henry soon enters the room and, after hearing the news, beats Vasquez and the poorly trained marines up, hoping sarcastically that they would now be feeling more disinclined.


Carmen frozen in fear.

The marines enter the facility and soon encounter a Xenomorph corpse despite Carmen's initially acting tough, she is clearly horrified by the deceased creature she sees before her. Suddenly the marines are ambushed by a group of Xenomorphs and Carmen, too petrified to do anything and frozen in fear. Fellow marine Cvercko eventually pulls her back and the squad retreat back into the Melville after suffering numerous losses, though not before taking a mysterious humanoid individual hostage and retrieving one of Beliveaus's security members Vormitag.

In the aftermath, the marines all congratulate their own survival, though Nyland is outraged by their naivety. After she leaves, Carmen and the others all laugh at her authoritarian attitude.

Bracken's World

Later, the Melville arrives at the aquatic planet Bracken's World for reconnaissance purposes. During briefing, one of the marines behind her secretly taunts her and calls her a coward, whilst Henry is describing the mission. The marines drop into onto the planet and investigate a seemingly abandoned base, only to discover that the station was inhabited by the cultist Bug-Men and the sector infested with aquatic Xenomorph creatures. The marines escape and seek refuge in the small colony Sector 1, though their salvation does not last long, as they are later caught up in a horde of aquatic Xenomorphs attacking the colony. Vasquez seems to have overcome her fear of the Xenomorph creatures and is no longer afraid of their presence. With the assistance of mercenary Herk Mondo, the marines successfully defend the colony.

War against the Bug-Men

Henry later briefs the marines and gives them the grave news that Sector HQ has been overrun by an army of Bug-Men. Due to anticipating insurrection, Henry reveals much to Carmen and the other's shock that he has implanted them with micro-bombs within their necks.

With the Melville recently being destroyed by the Bug-Man prisoner sabotaging the ship, Beliveau directs the marines to the Joliet Mining Facility to properly equip them with adequate Xenomorph-killing weapons. After arriving at the facility, the marines are greeted by the shop steward, a synthetic previously tasked by Beliveau to ensure the security of the facility. As such, he has been leading a small army of prototype synthetics and robots who have successfully defended Joliet from Xenomorph attacks for several weeks. After Carmen and the marines stock up on their new weaponry, they take leave during a Xenomorph ambush, with the shop steward sacrificing himself to allow the marines safe-passage out of the facility.

Last Stand


Carmen's death.

The marines finally reached the Bug-Men's primary base - Alphatech research station #2378. The base interior has been transformed into a giant Hive and is infested with Xenomorphs. Carmen and the marines storm the sector using APCs and other armored cars, shooting at every Xenomorph they see. However, after driving over a Xenomorph, the acid blood that exploded from the creature caused Carmen and fellow marine Boston's car to flip over and crash, the other marines leaving them.

Bloodied, Carmen manages to climb out of the vehicle and carry Boston out as well. As the critically injured Boston begs her to mercy-kill him, preventing him from being impregnated, Carmen notices a large horde of aliens approaching her. Accepting her fate, she brandishes a smartgun and unloads into the oncoming swarm. Her final stand does not last long, however, as the horde quickly overpowers and kills her.


Although just as brash and arrogant, much unlike her older sister, Carmen was highly undisciplined, lazy, and lacked Jenette's daring and plucky attitude. In retrospect, Carmen seemed to ironically share many traits with Jenettes's friendly rival Hudson, having an initially audacious presence before breaking down into a more panicked state after her first Xenomorph encounter. However, she eventually recomposed herself in the wake of further battles with the creatures and was able to hold her own against them. Carmen also seemed to hold a mutual dislike towards Sergeant Nyland, citing her as a "lesbiano puta" and the latter calling her a "chickenshit little greenhorn".



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