Cantrell was a corporal for the U.S. Army. Irivng was a supporting character in the 1992 comic Predator: The Bloody Sands of Time.


Cantrell was part of a mission sent to Nicaragua to eliminate a major drug lord. However, the mission went awry in which Cantrell was wounded and lost consciousness after seeing the drug lord slaughtered by a Predator. By the time Cantrell woke up, he was arrested by another allied army team for falsely butchering a whole village of drug pushers, who were in fact killed by the Predator.

Cantrell was later tried in which during the trial he loudly stated that he is being framed for a cover-up. He then turned to his lawyer Griggs Irving for help. Unfortunately, Cantrell died while in U.S. Army custody; his death was claimed to be suicide by hanging.


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