Calabrese[3] was a soldier stationed aboard the United Systems Military vessel USM Auriga.


When Ripley 8 escaped her bonds during a medical examination and attacked Dr. Wren, Calabrese was called in to secure her, which he did by shocking her at point-blank range with his Shockrifle. Despite delivering a supposedly fatal charge, Ripley 8 was not seriously harmed in the incident.[4]

Calabrese was later among the soldiers that accompanied Wren to the recreation hall when he confronted the crew of the Betty over Annalee Call's attempts to disrupt his Xenomorph cloning project. During the confrontation, Calabrese had his Draco Double Burner snatched away by Johner, although the latter promptly returned the weapon, threateningly warning the soldier never to touch him, ever.

Shortly afterward, Gary Christie, at Frank Elgyn's command, drew his Wrist Guns and opened fire on the soldiers. Calabrese raised his Burner to shoot Christie, only for Christie to shoot him in the heart, killing him almost instantly.


Calabrese used the underslung elctroshock attachment on his standard issue Lacrima 99 Shockrifle to incapacitate Ripley 8 when she attacked Wren. Later, when he went to confront the Betty crew in the recreation hall, he carried an Draco Double Burner that was claimed by Johner after his death.


  • Calabrese is never named in the film; his name is taken from the novelization.
  • In the novelization, it was actually Vinnie Distephano who shocks Ripley 8 with the Shockrifle; Calabrese is said to be present with him. In the film, Distephano was removed from the scene and his actions given to Calabrese.



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