"Trigger. There's no safety, so be careful. No kick, either, but they ride high. They're kind of - they shoot a semiliquid pulse of...Explosive particles, I guess."
Machiko Noguchi (from Aliens vs. Predator: War)

A Burner is an assault-rifle like weapon used by the Yautja.



The burner has a similar function to a Plasmacaster, however it is a more hands-on, manual weapon. Un-blooded are permitted to use this weapon, according to Prey and War. Also, according to them, it is the weapon with which most incidents are caused as a result of excitable and violent youth.[citation needed] Despite being an entry level weapon, some more experienced hunters such as Machiko Noguchi still choose to use them, sometimes over the Plasma Caster.

Burners shoot streams of hot plasma. They resemble and function much like a Human assault rifle.


The Burner had the ability to easily kill both Xenomorphs and Yautjas alike.



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