Bull was a Yautja aboard the Scout Ship which had detached from the Mother Ship departing Earth in 2004, after recovering the body of Scar when the Predator was killed by a Xenomorph Queen on Bouvet Island.

Bull was killed by a Predalien that was spawned from Scar inside the Scout Ship after it crashed on Earth in Gunnison, but he just managed to send a distress signal to the Predator's home world Yautja Prime where it was picked up by Wolf, who would travel to Earth to kill the Predalien and contain a Xenomorph infestation.


Bull was aboard the Scout Ship attached to Mother Ship which traveled to Bouvet Island, Earth in 2004 to recover the corpse of Scar (who unbeknownst to the ship's crew, had been impregnated with a Chestburster). The Chestburster in Scar emerged from his body and it snuck aboard Bull's Scout Ship, which had detached from the Mother Ship and quickly grew into an adult size Predalien. The Predalien then began killing the Yautja aboard the Scout Ship. While Bull was observing a hologram of a planet aboard the ship, he heard the scream of a fellow Yautja coming from the ship's Trophy Room. Making his way to the source of the scream, Bull witnessed a Predalien killing a Yautja, but had to switch his Bio-Mask's vision mode to Xeno Vision in order to see it clearly. Bull then attempted to kill the Predalien with his Plasmacaster, but missed, creating a hole in the side of the ship and causing it to crash-land in a forest on Earth in Gunnison, Colorado.

Bull survived the crash and witnessed the Facehuggers that were being held in the ship escape the wreckage. Bull then sent out a distress signal, but was Headbitten by the Predalien, who had also survived the crash. The signal Bull sent was received by the Yautja veteran Wolf on Yautja Prime, who then set out for Earth. Arriving at the crash site, Wolf used his Bio-Mask's vision modes to locate Bull's corpse. Wolf grieved the fallen hunter, bowing his head and placing a hand on Bull's Bio-Mask. Wolf then activated the Self-Destruct Device in his Cleaner case and took Bull's Plasmacaster and a pair of his Shurikens. Wolf then fled the ship as it was destroyed, removing any traces of Bull's corpse.


Behind the Scenes

Bull's Bio-Mask was actually a prop left over from the previous film, Alien vs. Predator.


  • It is unknown if Bull intentionally fired his Plasmacaster into the Scout Ship's wall or if it was an accident. It is possible Bull tried to crash the ship, killing the Predalien in the process, to prevent it from getting to the destination they were headed.
  • It seems strange Bull decided to send a distress signal instead of activating his Self-Destruct Device when he was likely mortally wounded in the Scout Ship's crash, in addition to discovering that the Facehuggers previously held on the ship had escaped.
  • The scene where Wolf bows his head is one of the notable scenes where Predators show emotions, like Celtic in Alien vs. Predator, who fought Grid out of revenge for his brother's death.
  • Bull's Bio-Mask is very similar to the Ancient Predator's mask in Alien vs. Predator and can be seen in the AVP Special Features.




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