The Bug-Men were a terrorist cult organization who had began terrorizing a sector of space. They were led by Ernst Kleist who later went by the name Father. The cult consisted of human/alien hybrids that had heavily mutated under constant exposure to Xenomorph Royal Jelly. As such, they had some influence over the Xenomorphs and could communicate with them to an extent. The Bug-Men assisted the Xenomorphs in expanding their widespread infestation and partook in irregular skirmishes with other human-inhabited facilities and kidnapping survivors to turn them into their kind.

Their terror was put to an end after Lt. Joseph Henry and his squad of marines sacrificed themselves to destroy their base of operations, alongside Kleist.



A member of the Bug-Men cult.

Bug-Men were highly disfigured and deformed humanoids, a result to a prolonged subjection to Royal Jelly. Most individuals featured either a pink or purple-greyish skin tone and had enlarged ear-holes on their oversized heads. Many of them had also lost their hair in the mutation process, with very little hair being left over. Some even featured tendrils that hung behind their heads. Kleist himself featured some sort of biomechanical 'crown' that had formed on top of his scalp.



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