Buddy Benson was a resident of Gunnison, Colorado who, in 2004, became involved in the Xenomorph outbreak that ultimately led to the destruction of the town.

Buddy, along with his son Sam, were the first people to discover the crashed Yautja ship near the town, and were subsequently impregnated by Facehuggers. They died when the Chestbursters inside them hatched, thus becoming the first victims of the Xenomorphs and heralding the start of the infestation.


Buddy was a middle aged man. Darcy was his wife and both had Sam as their child. He and his son were out hunting deer when a predator scout ship had fallen from the sky. After the two investigated the crash site and the ship, Buddy intended to report the incident to the sheriff. The pair flee the scene with the ship's escaped facehuggers quickly following them and Sam trips, allowing the Alien parasites to catch up. The Facehuggers then start circling the pair before one of them attempts to sneak up on Buddy before leaping at him. He manages to shoot it in mid-air but at near close point blank range causing the creature's acidic blood to splash on his arm. Within seconds his arm slowly melts off and during this, another Facehugger attacks and successfully attaches to Buddy. With his father unconscious, Sam is unprotected and also gets impregnated.

A few hours later, they both wake up with the typical symptoms of what happened. Buddy tries to stand but soon collapses in pain before his chest gives out and is split open by the emerging Chestburster, with the same fate happening to his son only seconds after. Buddy and Sam's bodies are later dissolved by the Predator Wolf using Dissolving Liquid, with Deputy Ray watching in the background.

Aliens vs. Predator Requiem (Video Game)

In the PSP game based on the film, another hunter similar to Buddy is shown in the intro, the difference being the appearance and age, along with him having no son present. His role is the same however, as he is attacked and impregnated by one of the many Facehuggers escaping the crashed Predator ship.




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