"I'm the boss of this city, you ugly son of a bitch!"
Bruno (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

Bruno Borgia was a notorious organized crime boss and the leader of the Borgia Mob in New Way City in 1930. He was the husband of Isabella Borgia and father to Hunter Borgia. He was referred to by himself and others as the "God of the Gangsters" due to his extreme level of control over criminal enterprise in the city.

An extremely powerful criminal leader, Bruno had deep connections throughout New Way City and even had the city's Chief of Police O'Brien on his payroll, granting him a large amount of freedom in carrying out his criminal enterprise. In 1930, he became the target of the Yautja later known as Scarface, who killed Bruno in an honorable match.


Rise to power[]

"I wanna see the streets running red with the blood of my enemies! You got that, mister Police Chief?"
Bruno, to O'Brien (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

Bruno was born in an alleyway in New Way City and grew up as a feral child on the streets.[1] He earned money by betting on himself in the city's infamous dog pits, and while made his first successes in the illegal dog fighting circuit, one such fight cost him his left eye and led to the scars that would thereafter mark the side of his face.

As he grew older, Bruno began to rise to prominence in the New Way City underworld, establishing connections with prominent officials to help secure his position, including with the city's corrupt Chief of Police O'Brien. Following his marriage to Isabella and the discovery that she was pregnant with his son, Bruno became determined to take complete control of all organized crime in the city so that he might leave it to his children as a legacy.

God vs. Devil[]

"Get my wife whatever she needs and bring this 'monster' to me!"
Bruno to his men, regarding the New Way Devil (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

By 1930 a lone Predator, dubbed the "New Way Devil" by the media, was on a killing spree in the city, and Bruno's escalating war with the city's other criminal gangs, in particular Broken-Face Finlay's Irish Mob, drew the creature's attention to the self-proclaimed "God of Gangsters". Unbeknownst to Bruno, the Predator stalked him through the night as he made plans with O'Brien and his lieutenants to wipe out his criminal competition. Learning that his wife had gone into labor, Bruno rushed to the church to which she had been taken.

Finding Isabella on the altar, Bruno boldly proclaimed that this was where she would give birth to gods and that the Borgia family would rule the New Way City forever. His moment of celebration was interrupted, however, when several of Bruno's men burst in and warned the mob boss that the New Way Devil was drawing near. Not one to run or hide from any opponent, Bruno instructed his men to take care of his wife, while he armed himself with a battle axe and a shield from the adjacent city museum prepared to face the Predator. In a hall within the museum, the God of Gangsters and the New Way Devil faced each other.

Bruno fought brutally and was assisted wave after wave of his men, but ultimately found himself unable to match the Predator. Defeated, battered and disarmed, Bruno was left kneeling helplessly as the New Way Devil proceeded to tear his head and spinal column from his body as a Trophy.


"My father left me this city, and this technology; and here on planet Earth, man is the ultimate predator. That's what Bruno Borgia taught me."
Hunter Borgia, to his daughter Lucretia (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

Despite his untimely death, Bruno's desire to see New Way City fall under the control of his children did in fact become a reality, although perhaps not how he would have imagined. Shortly after his death, most of the city was destroyed when the New Way Devil activated the Self-Destruct Device aboard its ship, and in the aftermath it was left to Isabella and her son Hunter to rebuild. The great city they constructed, Neonopolis, remained under Borgia control for another hundred years. At the center of the rebuilt city was the mighty Borgia Towers, at the summit of which were two vast statues of Bruno and Hunter, face-to-face, an imposing reminder of the men who had made the city what it was.

Personality and Traits[]

"It's turf and blood. That's the law of the jungle. Behind all your fancy hotels and your diamond parlours: turf and blood, O'Brien. That's why they all want a piece of Bruno Borgia — in this jungle, I'm the ultimate fucking predator. The king of the beasts."
Bruno, to O'Brien (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

A bullish, arrogant man, Bruno Borgia was supremely confident in his perceived destiny to become the sole criminal kingpin in New Way City. While his belief that he and his children would rule the city for generations to come may have appeared delusional at times, he was nevertheless an adept criminal mastermind, aided greatly in this regard by his carefully established political contacts. However, with his arrogance came overconfidence, and his willingness to fight the New Way Devil, seemingly only to prove that he was superior, would prove to be his undoing.




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