Broken-Face Finlay was the leader of the Irish Mob in New Way City in 1930.


In 1930, when Bruno Borgia declared war against the Irish Mob, a large mob war took place. Little did they know, a hunter from another world had arrived in New Way City seeking a worthy prey and started to massacre everyone who stood in his way. After killing Bruno Borgia, Scarface attempted to escape; however, during his escape he took the opportunity to kill Finlay — he confronted the mob boss and brutally skinned him alive. His body was hung on top of a clock tower.

The corrupt Police Chief O'Brien admits to him and Broken-Face Finlay having "religious differences" going a long way back, and that his death will just be "settling old scores". O'Brien never gets the chance to do so, however, as he is also killed at the museum by Scarface - along with other police officers and Bruno's mob members.


  • If the player chooses to kill Finlay, it will unlock an alternate costume based on the Jungle Hunter seen in the first Predator film.



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