Private First Class Brock Paulson, nicknamed "Bear", was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was part of the team dispatched to investigate the USS Sulaco in the video game Aliens: Infestation.

In-Game Bio

Brock "Bear" Paulson was just born big. His parents called him Bear since before he could walk and the name stuck. Bear learned at an early age that he could use his size to his advantage. He despised bullies and instead befriended the weaker children, defending them from those who would prey on their small size. He came a school yard hero and the only reward he needed was the smile on the kids' faces when they shouted "Thanks Bear!" After High School. Bear wanted desperately to go to college to study marine biology. Unfortunately, his parents could not afford to send him. He tried for several athletic scholarships but was rejected. One day at the gym he met a Marine recruiter who told him the Corp would pay his way through school if he enlisted for a 3 year cruise. Realizing that it may be his only chance to go to school, Bear signed up. His squad quickly grew to love him for his strength, not only in body, but in character.


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