"Want some candy?"
Brian, to the City Hunter (from Predator 2)

Brian was a young Los Angeles resident in 1997.[1]


Brian was left in his parents car while they visited a grave at one of Los Angeles' cemeteries, however, despite their instruction to the contrary, he did not stay where he was and instead ran off among the gravestones, shooting imaginary adversaries with his toy Uzi. As he did so, he encountered the City Hunter, which had followed Mike Harrigan to Danny Archuleta's grave in the same cemetery.

Confronted by what he thought was an armed man, the Predator initially prepared to kill Brian with his Plasmacaster, before scanning the boy's gun and realizing it was just a plastic toy. The creature backed down and Brian, undaunted, offered him some of his candy before he fled. Brian subsequently ran back to his parents, telling them he had seen a ghost (owing the Predator's Cloak).




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