Breeding Eggs are a variation of the ovomorph. Instead of containing normal Facehuggers, however, they hold special facehuggers responsible for the creation of a Queen Alien.


Breeding eggs are similar in shape and make-up as a the typical ovomorph. Their difference lies in their color. Instead of being leathery brown or black, the eggs are green and done over towards the bottom in splash-like black spots.


During some point in her lifetime, a Queen Xenomorph will receive a instinctive cue to spawn these eggs over the typical variety in an attempt to propagate the species further. Because of her aggressive nature and the likely threat she'd see in her own infant daughters, Breeding Eggs are quickly removed from the Queen's chamber and overseen exclusively by Drones. According to Aliens: Theory of Alien Propagation, only five or so eggs are laid at a time, but of the five, only one will be a queen as the sisters engage in a violent and fatal struggle shortly after they emerge from their hosts.

Breeding Facehuggers


Spotted Facehuggers

Breeding face-huggers resemble closely many other queen-producing Facehuggers that appear throughout the comics, however unlike those variants, these Facehuggers are spotted like the eggs they emerged from. Their cargo can take a few hours to a few days to emerge.