The Brawler was a rank and title held by certain members of the Yautja race.[1]


Their role in hunting made them specialize in the use of their Wristblades only. The requirements of this position meant that the hunter in question needed to have great strength, speed and endurance. In war time they served as both a tireless scout as well as a vicious front-line fighter. This made them quite revered for their bravery and their ability to successfully attack any kind of foe at close range no matter how dangerous they might be.

The Glory Strike[]

Further training allows the Brawler to channel their fury into battle rage giving them the capacity to bring about unrelenting stream of ruthless cleaving attacks. Only the largest or most skilled or heavily armored of opponents were capable of surviving these attacks as well as fight back. Lesser foes were only capable of surviving such an assault or run away; never having the capacity to counterattack the Brawler.

In AVP: Extinction, their upgrades have more spikes on their armor, longer blades (extension), and red eyes on their bio-helmet.

Character Stats[]

As the Brawler continues his training, his reflexes became so fast that they were capable of striking leaping Facehuggers in mid-flight. These lightning reflexes allow a Brawler to knock back the Facehugger away and often kills it in the process which is a testament to the skill of the Yautja in question. However, while they are quick enough to stave off attacks from a number of uncoordinated Facehuggers, the Brawler will still succumb to an overwhelming attack by numerous Facehuggers simultaneously.

Veteran Brawlers had the capacity to bring about a glory strike giving them an uncanny ability to deliver the perfect blow amid its furious onslaught. This typically does extreme damage and was frequently accompanied by the Brawler's battle cry. Once the killing blow has been struck, it was often spectacular with the enemy typically decapitated in a single strike which often demoralizes further victims.



  • They are the first Yautja to be seen using dual Wristblades. The second one is Wolf, and the third one is Dark.