Brad Martin (born January 14, 1970) is an American stunt performer, stunt coordinator, actor and assistant director who played an unnamed soldier in the 1997 film Alien Resurrection, although he was not credited for the role. Other notable films Martin has appeared in include Batman & Robin (1997), Lethal Weapon 4 (1998), Spider-Man 2 (2004), Live Free or Die Hard (2007) and several films in the Underworld, The Matrix, The Fast and the Furious and The Expendables series. He has regularly doubled for actor George Clooney in his movies.


Year Title Notes
1994 Naked Gun 33 ⅓: The Final Insult Uncredited; with Tom Finnegan, Thomas Rosales, Jr. and Gerard G. Williams
1995 Major Payne With Thomas Rosales, Jr.
Batman Forever Uncredited
Mortal Kombat With Rodney Mitchell and Tom Woodruff, Jr., directed by Paul W. S. Anderson
The Feminine Touch
1996 The Assault
Escape from L.A. With William H. Burton, Jr., Leland Orser and Thomas Rosales, Jr.
Bloodsport III
1997 Batman & Robin With William H. Burton, Jr., Henry Kingi, Rodney Mitchell, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura
Conspiracy Theory With Steve Kahan
The Peacemaker With Vladimir "Furdo" Furdik and Holt McCallany
Alien Resurrection Uncredited
1998 Surface to Air
Lethal Weapon 4 With Lionel Douglass, Danny Glover, Steve Kahan, Henry Kingi and Thomas Rosales, Jr.
Out of Sight With Thomas Rosales, Jr.
1999 Running Red
Three Kings With Holt McCallany
2000 Bad Seed
The Perfect Storm
O Bother, Where Art Thou?
Charlie's Angels With Michael Papajohn
2001 American Pie 2
Zoolander With Winona Ryder
Rock Star
Ocean's Eleven
No Such Thing
2002 Deuces Wild Uncredited
Austin Powers in Goldmember Uncredited; with Henry Kingi
Red Dragon
The Ring
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
2003 Daredevil Uncredited; with Leland Orser and Eddie Yansick
The Matrix Reloaded With Laurence Fishburne
Underworld With Brian Steele
The Matrix Revolutions With Laurence Fishburne
S.W.A.T. Uncredited; with Michael Papajohn and David St. James
2004 Dawn of the Dead
In Enemy Hands
Spider-Man 2 Uncredited
After the Sunset
2005 Constantine With Henry Kingi
The Ring 2
xXx2: State of the Union
The Chumcrubber
Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Serenity With Adam Baldwin
2006 Underworld: Evolution Uncredited; with Brian Steele
2007 Spider-Man 3 With Topher Grace and Michael Papajohn
Live Free or Die Hard With Michael Papajohn
2008 Tropic Thunder
Four Christmases
2009 Fast & Furious Uncredited; with Robert Bastens, Henry Kingi and John Ortiz
Angels & Demons
Couples Retreat
2010 The Book of Eli
Burning Palms
The Expendables With Henry Kingi and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jonah Hex Uncredited; with Michael Fassbender and Michael Papajohn
The Other Guys
2011 Water for Elephants
Soul Surfer
2012 Underworld: Awakening With Charles Dance
Total Recall
2013 Parker
After Earth
Homefront With Michael Papajohn and Winona Ryder
2014 The Expendables 3 With Robert Davi and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
2015 Wild Card With Michael Papajohn
2016 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice With Patrick Wilson

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