Bracken's World is a small, backwater, kelp farming agri-colony world where a team of USCMC personnel from the USS Melville led by Lt. Joseph Henry stopped by for reconnaissance purposes to investigate a surface anomaly that was believed to possibly be a marine base.


The USCMC team discovered that the surface anomaly they detected was an unrecorded Alphatech outpost (ICMC64372 Alphatec Sector Base) located amongst the kelp bed farms and were soon ambushed by the mutant cultists known as 'Bug-Men' and then aquatic Xenomorphs before escaping to Sector 1, the small harbour colony and primary populated zone on the planet, which they then defended against another assault by aquatic and standard Xenomorphs.

The mercenary Herk Mondo would also appear during the latter part of the engagement with Xenomorphs at Sector 1 and assisted the USCMC team with defending it.