Brabenso is the homeworld of the Cravenor. Little is known about this world besides that it has mountains and an oxygen-based atmosphere.

The United States Colonial Marine Corps invaded Brabenso at an unspecified time.

Terrain and Climate

Barbenso's climate was presumably temperate due to its oxygen-based atmosphere. It had a rugged terrain and many mountains, making the environment itself rather inhospitable.


It was assumed that the Cravenor had settlements in the mountains, though they were never observed.


Cravenor, the native species


The Cravenor, a primitive race, lived on Brabenso. Also, assuming the Colonial Marine invasion was a success, which was highly likely, human colonists most likely lived there as well.


At an unknown time, Brabenso was invaded by the Colonial Marines. It is unknown if the invasion was successful, though taking into account the primitivism of the Barbenso against the advanced technology of the Marines, it is likely that it was.


  • After its brief appearance in the 1994 video game Alien vs Predator, neither the Cravenor nor Brabenso were ever mentioned again.  


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