The USS Marlow, a Bougainville-class ship.

The Bougainville-class attack transport is a type of spacecraft used by the United States Colonial Marine Corps, similar to the larger and more heavily armed Conestoga-class vessels they replaced.[1] They fulfil a similar role of troop deployment and equipment transport.[2]


The Bougainville-class was designed as a replacement for the aging Conestoga-class vessels.[1] The two types shared many design similarities, although the Bougainville-class ships were smaller overall[citation needed] and notably featured a distinctive "hammerhead" design, including a cephalofoil-shaped bridge at their bows.

Notable Ships


  • Owing to the brief appearance of the only known ship of the class in Aliens vs. Predator (the Marlow is destroyed within a minute of the start of the Marine campaign), little is known about the Bougainville vessels. However, the Colonial Marines Technical Manual and wreckage seen during Aliens vs. Predator show that the Bougainville-class is equipped with the same Type 337 EEVs as the larger Conestoga-class ships.
  • The Bougainville-class may be a reference to Louis Antoine de Bougainville, a French sailor and explorer from the 18th century.
  • It could also be a reference to Bougainville Island, a part of the Solomon Islands (the archipelago), where the Marines fought a battle.



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