Borgia Industries was an American conglomerate founded by Isabella Borgia in the mid-21st century, in the aftermath of the destruction of New Way City. The company was directly responsible for the reconstruction of Neonopolis, and was also secretly behind the proliferation of stolen Yautja technology throughout the city's criminal gangs.



Borgia Industries was founded in the wake of the destruction of New Way City in 1930 by a Yautja Self-Destruct Device. In the aftermath of the devastation, Isabella Borgia, wife of deceased New Way City crime lord Bruno Borgia, acquired Yautja technology from the ruins and used the tech to rally the survivors and spearhead the rebuilding of New Way City.

Ruling Neonopolis

After a hundred years, Isabella and her son Hunter, their life-spans extended by the Yautja blood that they were accidentally exposed to in 1930, were essentially in command of the city, now renamed Neonopolis.[1] Hunter's daughter, Lucretia, aided him in the management of the city. The family used the Yautja technology they had acquired to create advanced weaponry, weaponry that was used to capture Yautja that came to the city to hunt. Hunter also managed to acquire live Xenomorph specimens, which he gave as a "gift" to his mother Isabella. Borgia Industries established firm business relations with both Weyland Industries and the Yutani Corporation, auctioning off the Yautja technology under the name "Prometheus Tech". By 2030, Borgia Industries was one of the most successful and profitable companies on Earth.

As time went on, Borgia Industries began to deal with the local street gangs in the city, selling their Prometheus Tech to lowly criminals for them to use in gang warfare. Unknown to the gangs, they were actually being used as bait to lure more Predators to the city.[1] In 2030, the Yautja responsible for the destruction of New Way City and the spread of Yautja technology, now known as Scarface, returned to destroy the stolen Prometheus Tech and regain his honor. The trail of stolen technology led him to Borgia Industries. He tracked Lucretia to the Borgia headquarters, killing hundreds of Borgia staff and soldiers before slaying Isabella and dueling a genetically augmented Hunter on the roof of the tower.

With the death of Borgia Industries' senior members, the company was bought out by an individual known as Mr. Weyland, who turned Lucretia Borgia into a supercomputer known as MOTHER designed to run the city autonomously.


  • Given their corruption, it is likely that the company was named after Renaissance-era Italy's Borgia family. This family was headed by Rodrigo Borgia, and even then they were known to be corrupt. Rodrigo also had a daughter named "Lucrezia".



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