Boone[2] was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. She was part of the battalion stationed at Charon Base, there to provide security for the research facility and its staff.

Boone, the final surviving female Marine from the original platoon sent to Charon, was killed attempting to retrieve a Xenomorph test subject for Professor Kleist from the Hive adjacent to the facility.


Boone was born and raised in New York City, New York.[3] Some time after she joined the Colonial Marines, she entered an intense physical relationship with Private Choi, who, like her, was also a New Yorker. The pair's relationship continued after they were posted to Charon Base as part of Sergeant Green's platoon.

Boone and Choi were among the men selected by Green to take part in another of Professor Kleist's regular missions into the Hive at Charon for new Xenomorph subjects to be used in his experiments. However, shortly after entering the Hive, and despite the caution with which the squad moved, Boone was suddenly ambushed by a Drone, which swooped down and hoisted her up into the ceiling, killing her with a Headbite before she could escape or react. Her body was later recovered by Kleist's men for use in his experiments.[4]


  • Unlike in the novel, Boone is male in the comics, with no suggestion that he or Choi were in a relationship.