Bonito was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was part of a 31 marine platoon under the command of Captain Paget, aboard the combat ship Hasdrubal that landed on the planet Tartarus, kick-starting a massive series of events that led to an all out battle for survival against the Yautja species, Xenomorph organisms and the godlike Engineers.


Bonito was part of Sergeant Roth's squad when landing on Tartaturs. After the squad finds a survivor, Seegson asset-stripper Laurence Goode, Captain Paget orders Roth and his squad to go out on a search party and look for any remaining survivors. Roth splits up the team, Bonito, Stefopoulos, Rucker and Lee to sweep the left.

Later, during the sweep, Stefopoulos is suddenly impaled from behind by the Hive Wars Predator, shocking the others. Rucker attempts to shoot it but it throws Stefopoulos' body at him, toppling him. Bonito begins firing, shouting at Lee to run but is swiftly grabbed by the Predator by the neck and pushed against a tree. Lee tries hitting the hunter with the butt of her pulse rifle but to no avail. The Predator responds by punching her away and stabbing Bonito in the head.


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