"Lee! Run -- Ughnnkkk!"
Bonito (from Predator: Fire and Stone)

Bonito was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps. He was part of a 31-Marine platoon under the command of Captain Paget, aboard the combat ship Hasdrubal, that landed on the planet LV-797 under investigation of potential asset-strippers.

Bonito was killed by the Hive Wars Predator after it had ambushed him and his squad.


Bonito was part of the combat ship Hasdrubal on a mission to prosecute any potential illegal prospectors on the planet, LV-797, nicknamed Tartarus. The Hasdrubal was serving the interests of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, which had scheduled the planet for terraforming.

Upon landing on the planet, the platoon encountered a Seegson excavation site, soon after recovering asset-stripper Laurence Goode, sole-survivor of a massacre at the hands of unknown assailants. Captain Paget ordered Sergeant Roth's squad to search for any remnants of Goode's crew, and the latter had Bonito, alongside Rucker, Lee and Stefopoulos 'sweep the left'.



Bonito is killed by the Hive Wars Predator.

During the patrol, Stefopoulos was suddenly impaled from behind by the Hive Wars Predator, shocking the others. Rucker attempted to shoot it, but it threw Stefopoulos' body at him, toppling him. Bonito began firing, shouting at Lee to run, but was swiftly grabbed by the neck by the Predator, and pushed against a tree. Lee tried hitting the hunter with the butt of her pulse rifle, but the Predator responded by punching her away and stabbing Bonito in the head, killing him.