Classification Xenomorph
Appearances Aliens: Kidnapped

The Bodyburster is a mutated Xenomorph variant which is incapable of maturing past its larval stage.


The Bodyburster resembles a large black Chestburster. They are hatched from a pink Egg among an ordinary clutch, though the origins of such eggs are unknown. During gestation the Bodyburster's host will develop a series of flu-like symptoms, such as fatigue, nausea, and bloating (the latter most likely due to the creature's sheer size). It emerges much like a normal Chestburster, albeit much larger and more aggressive. One Bodyburster egg was smuggled to the pleasure planet Celeste by Weyland-Yutani employees. The resulting hatchling, after escaping its human host, caused chaos on the planet by biting at least a dozen people and spreading a poisonous Class 10 substance that caused the victims to explode upon dissolving from liquid to gas form.