Doctor Blue Grace Marsalis[5] was a research scientist for Seegson specializing in Xenomorph biology. Formerly an employee of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation, she was the head of the Glitter Edifice project aboard RB-232, known as "The Cold Forge", which sought to weaponize the Xenomorph. She was serving aboard the station when it was sabotaged by Seegson agents, and was caught up in the devastating outbreak that led to its destruction.

While a young woman studying at Johns Hopkins University, Blue was diagnosed with Bishara's Syndrome,[6] a degenerative disease that ultimately left her bed-ridden, forced to live her life by commandeering a synthetic surrogate. Although tasked with weponizing the Xenomorph by Weyland-Yutani, she was secretly using the company's resources to try and develop a universal cure that would remedy not only her own affliction, but potentially all genetic illnesses.

Blue was one of only two people to escape the Cold Forge alive, the other being the synthetic Marcus, who was heavily damaged.


Blue Marsalis keeps to herself and actively dislikes many aboard the station, especially Kambili, who often antagonizes her. Blue possesses a strong and determined will to reach her goals, and while she has cruelly used Chimpanzee's as hosts for the Xenomorphs and without aneasthetics, her actions are motivated in acquiring a substance which could potentially hold the cure for her conditions as well as many others, giving her a "ends justify the means" mentality, despite this, she was reluctant to sacrificed the personnal stuck in the kennels to prevent them Xenomorphs spreading to other parts of the station, especially after learning that her former lover, Anne Wexler was in there. In addition to her almost clinical and focused mindset, Blue was prone to emotional outburts and had vengeful streak and she attempted to kill Dorian with a powered loader in revenge for what he did to Anne.



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