"He's marking himself....Ancient Warriors would mark themselves with the blood of their kill. It's a rite of passage."
Sebastian De Rosa to Lex Woods about Scar (from Alien vs. Predator)
4scar420pqScar, a newly blooded Predator
Rank Blooded
Superior To: Pup
Young Blood
Subordinate To: Elite
Clan Leader
Clan Elder
Next Rank: Several Possible Ranks

Blooded was the name given to the rank Young Blood Yautja attained after successfully killing their prey and marking themselves with their blood,[1] notably the Xenomorph. In some cases, young hunters jumped straight from Un-Blooded to Blooded after the Blooding ritual.

Blooding was a sign that a Yautja was trusted to hunt alone, without the supervision of superiors.[2][3]


"There are several paths adult yautja walk, but all of them utilize some standard equipment. Bio-masks, cloaking devices, med-kits, and wrist gauntlets are used by all Predators, making them highly self-sufficient."
Alien vs. Predator: Unleashed

Once a hunter had killed a Xenomorph and marked itself with the acidic blood of the creature, it was considered an adult and a full member of its Clan.[4] The specifics varied from clan to clan, but blooded hunters were entitled to more and have more privileges than less experienced hunters. This included their own quarters on a ship,[5] the right to settle disputes in death-matches,[6], and eligibility to be chosen by a female to sire her young, which was arguably the ultimate goal of the hunt, aside from glory and honor.

Blooded was a general rank and could branch off into more specialized and specific ranks in accordance with the skill of the individual. For instance, hunters skilled with the the wrist-blades could become Brawlers. Hunters adept with the Combistick or Glaive could become Spear Masters. Those with the makings of a leader could choose to become Adjutants and later progress to Leader, then Clan Leader.

The skill of a Yautja in of this rank was subject to certain factors. Newly blooded hunters, for instance, would not be as dangerous or skilled as a seasoned hunter with the same rank. Blooded Yautja also had access to better weapons and armor, having proven themselves worthy of it.

Off of a hunt, Blooded hunters had a great deal of freedom, as was their right.

Further Training[]

Though not required, newly blooded predators, typically from prestigious bloodlines, can undergo further training by retired predators. Tli'uukop was one such teacher of blooded hunters. The Blooded rank is the last rank in which mistakes are tolerable as part of the learning process. Still, this is only true of newly blooded and even then, it is still within the rights of their teacher to kill them should they mess up too badly. For instance, fleeing is unacceptable. Tli'uukop threatened Shriek and Kata'nu with beheading and then taking their skulls to their fathers if they did so.[7]

The Mark[]

The mark changes from clan to clan, and even has some religious significance.[8] The most common mark seen is that of the lightning bolt, said to be the mark of a Warrior God. In the Aliens vs. Predator: Omnibus series, these marks are physical indicators of who a Yautja learned their hunting techniques from and became blooded by.


Blooded Yautja will occasionally serve as Adjutants for a hunting party next to the Leader, acting as secondary overseers.[9] Notable adjutants include Skemte, Warkha and Ci'tde.

Notable individuals[]