D1981 D1981 29 June 2023

What if Newt had been cloned instead of Ripley?

As Alien 3 concluded, we saw Lt. Ellen Ripley destroy the xenomorph creature on Fury 161, and confront Weyland Yutani face to face as they tried to attain the one last specimen- an alien queen - growing inside of her.

Rather than letting this happen, Ripley made the ultimate sacrifice by falling into the prison's giant furnace, ending her life and all possibilities for the xenomorph queen to propogate. It seemed to be a pretty definitive ending for the character, and for all intents and purposes, the final chapter of the Alien Trilogy had been written. There was, however, interest in continuing the series even though Sigourney Weaver was done with the Ripley character. Jorge Saralegui, 20th Century Fox's executive vice-president of producti…

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The Creature Slayer The Creature Slayer 9 October 2022

Deciphering the downfall of the USCSS Theseus and the fate of its crew

I wasn't sure whether to do this as a blog or a test page, but I thought it is probably best in a blog — here, I'll be trying to decipher the mess that is the order of events and characters of the story of the from AvP: The Hunt Begins' main two campaigns (the base game and Hot Landing Zone) as well as the various add-on expansions and the Unleashed mode. Hopefully, this will allow me to get a stable base ground set up from which can be referenced for the creation of THB related pages.

  • 1 Chronology
    • 1.1 Cat Roulette — 1 hour before emergency status
    • 1.2 Cat Roulette — 15 minutes before emergency status
    • 1.3 Cat Roulette — 5 minutes after emergency status
  • 2 Characters
  • 3 Other important notes

Captain LeGrand and Rebecca are in the canteen, the latter checking …

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HadAnd0426 HadAnd0426 25 August 2022

Another channel stealing info without credit

Got another esteemed Alien/Predator 'lore' channel that seems to just be reading Xenopedia extracts without credit. Named 'VK'.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wC7kjBtFJII He's clearly just reading from the wiki whilst he talks. Its quite laughable. I bought up the issue and he seems to have since shadowbanned my reply. Surprise, surprise. HadAnd0426 (talk) (Contribs) 23:16, 25 August 2022 (UTC)

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Darth Crucible 01 Darth Crucible 01 4 August 2022

time travel

could/should time travel be introduced to the Alien saga

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Darth Crucible 01 Darth Crucible 01 2 August 2022

new Alien 3

should there be a new Alien 3

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SynthNorbert SynthNorbert 11 June 2022


Alien: Revival #12 X Queen II

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Cityhunter90 Cityhunter90 11 May 2022

i am back

just got back from my holiday, so i might be around a bit more just probably not as much as i used to

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Fox357magnum Fox357magnum 2 May 2022

Aliens: Fireteam weapons

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Cityhunter90 Cityhunter90 23 April 2022

The Reason im not around as much anymore

so some people may have noticed im not replying to anything most of the time well that is because soon im going on holiday therefore i may not reply to anything this month, thats all i wanted to say, stay safe everyone

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JungleHunter11 JungleHunter11 3 April 2022


I am literally so excited for the film Prey to be released this summer!!! I feel like it's a countdown until the faithful day of its debut. I am really excited and can't believe it's already the fifth Predator movie already! All I want is for it to 1) NOT SUCK and 2) bring up crap from modern society. If it doesn't do either of those things that it automatically makes it a descent movie. Although (in my opinion) Shane Black recently made a Predator film back in 2018 which I though was phenomenal!!! If Prey is that good, then I will be happy.

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Cityhunter90 Cityhunter90 12 March 2022

Just saying

i wont be replying to much stuff anymore its just not much stuff is getting posted and it got quite boring so you might not see me much

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JungleHunter11 JungleHunter11 1 March 2022

NECA Figures

Does anybody think NECA should make more ALIEN and PREDATOR figures? Recently, they realised an Elder Predator, but besides the hundreds of figures they've made is there anyone(s) that you would like to see in the markets?

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Cityhunter90 Cityhunter90 20 February 2022

If you want to ask anything leave the questions here

im leaving this here for people who want to ask me anything so go ahead

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SynthNorbert SynthNorbert 3 January 2022

The vital substance of robotics.

Recently, I have been on a quest to find every last description of the white fluid that flows through a synthetic human's artificial veins to ultimately determine the best official name for the substance.

Below, I am working on compiling every description I can find regarding the stuff. Please feel free to add to the conversation!

While Alien: The Weyland-Yutani Report makes mention of a patent for the realistic skin used for synthetics, it makes no mention of a patent for "synthesized blood" to my knowledge.

  • "Thick white ichor–the substance that flowed through a synthetic's artifical veins–rained down from the ceiling.." - Aliens: Prototype

Personally, I feel like "ichor" is the most suitable word to be an official name for the "circulating fl…

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MUTHUR9000 MUTHUR9000 24 December 2021

Inferno's Fall


So surprise! This was part of the reason I had to step back from my duties in the fandom.

I hope you will enjoy the story Pip and I will be bringing into Alien canon.

Alien: Inferno's Fall is out July 26, 2022! Make sure you pre-order at your local book store.

This is muthur9000 signing off...

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SynthNorbert SynthNorbert 13 November 2021

PREY / 1715

The new Predator film PREY is set to be a prequel about Comanches fighting the Yautja dating back 300 years from its release in 2022. Anyone else think this movie might offer up some detailed lore surrounding the infamous pistol engraved with the year 1715 from Predator 2??

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SynthNorbert SynthNorbert 29 October 2021

Aliens: Dead Orbit - A chronological edit

The Plot of Aliens: Dead Orbit in chronological order:

First contact

In 2295, an unknown vessel approached the Sphacteria, a fueling depot orbiting the gas giant Pylos. Park identifies the unmarked ship as an old Wey-Yu freighter that had been sold at auction to a private buyer, She also informed Captain Hassan that the ship contained Hypersleep chambers, and that the crew of presumed salvagers may still be in stasis. Communications Officer Rook is less than enthusiastic about the whole event, believing they may be pirates. Captain Hassan tells Wascylewski and Park they are all going to shuttle to and board the unmarked vessel, alongside Medical Officer Harrow and Security Officer Torrenson, leaving Rook behind.

Once aboard, the five crew-members …

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HadAnd0426 HadAnd0426 10 August 2021

Pred Character Template redundant?

Hi all. I would like to know everyone's take on my opinion regarding character templates. Upon comparing the generic character template and Pred template, it seems that the Predator Character template is actually inferior to just simply adding them to the normal character template - Homeworld is almost always going to be Yautja prime, and Clan/Affiliation will almost always be the same thing (i.e Berserker's affilaited with the Super Predator Clan which will immediately repeated with 'Clan' directly underneath), it is essentially just repeating the same thing twice. Beyond that, it is pretty interchangeable from the normal character template, which begs the question if we should just use the Character template for Yautja characters. I for …

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MUTHUR9000 MUTHUR9000 7 August 2021


It has been a very long time since I have had a chance to write let alone breathe. Between working full time and running 2 businesses and being a mum of two it was a very difficult decision to step back from Studio Yutani.

When I can I still post, I am looking for people who are passionate to take over the blog but it is difficult to find someone who has the time to keep up with all the regular social media posting.

In the meantime I have made my final edits on the Alien Timeline on my page https://yutani.studio/alien-timeline/

I still love Alien dearly and it takes up my every thought, I have high hopes for the future of the franchise and I am so happy there will be many more fans who will enjoy it.

For now farewell

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Juoig7799 Juoig7799 10 July 2021



Begin log

>Hello there , and welcome to this stupid blog post with no purpose. (you are cool by the way)

End log

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KylaraE KylaraE 3 June 2021

FandomDesktop opt-in is LIVE

Check it out, and let me know your thoughts! Report bugs and feedback to me here.

To access the new FandomDesktop skin:

  • Go to Special:Preferences
  • In the top menu, select "Appearance"
  • Under "Skin" select "FandomDesktop"
  • Select any FandomDesktop preferences you want such as default light/dark mode, content width, and right rail collapse. (Personally I am all about that WIDE WIDTH experience.)
  • Click "Save" at the bottom

You can also opt-out the same way, just go to Special:Preferences and switch the Skin from FandomDeskop back to Oasis.

Helpful links!

  • New blog post about opt-in
  • FandomDesktop preparation guide
  • FandomDesktop highlights with links to staff blog posts
  • For admin: Blog about the customization policy

If you find a bug, please let me know about i…

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Xhosayande Xhosayande 16 May 2021

Community Convo regarding Bueracrat

I have created a conversation regarding a concern I have about Xenopedia's moderation. If you wish to engage with your own input, concerns, ect. please join here!

Please remember to follow the Good Faith and Behavior rules laid out in the Wikia. Thank you!

- Xhos

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Xhosayande Xhosayande 15 May 2021


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Xhosayande Xhosayande 15 May 2021

Runner 2020


|notable = The Dragon |skincolor = Bronze, Black |othernames=Dog Alien
Ox Alien
Scout}} The Runner,

  • Sentry — The mature form of a Runner.
  • Crusher — A stage 6 evolution of the Sentry.
  • Prowler -- A similar caste to the runner.
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Xhosayande Xhosayande 15 May 2021

Queen 2020

Special Edition)}}

{{Infobox Species |image = |imagecaption = The Antarctica Queen with a Drone. |name = Queen |homeworld = Xenomorph Prime, potentially any planet |height = 4.5 metres (typical)

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Xhosayande Xhosayande 15 May 2021

Praetorian 2021


|skincolor = Black |notable = Specimen 6
Gunnison Predalien}}


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Xhosayande Xhosayande 13 May 2021

New Drone Page (Workshop)

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Resident4ever Resident4ever 16 April 2021

Complete Timeline

As I promised, I started to gather all comic, book, etc. and put here with a timeline, to help out this wiki. Sometimes the dates are given in the book or comic, but somehow the articles here don't mentions it. So far it's not a complete list, I will update it as soon as I have time for it.

Note: the years only shows the main story's placement, not flashbacks, memories, etc.

  • Predator: 1718 – 1718
  • Predator: God's Truth - 1926
  • Predator: Strange Roux – 1931 july
  • Predator: Demon’s Gold – during WW2
  • Aliens: Earth Angels – 1950s
  • Aliens: A Comic Book Adventure – 2257
  • Aliens: Dead Orbit - 2295
  • AvP (Atari Jaguar) - 2329
  • AvP (SNES) – 2493
  • AvP: The Last of his Clan - 2593

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Resident4ever Resident4ever 31 March 2021



First let me intruduce myself: I am the creator of the hungarian AvP wikia and a huge fan of the franchise. I just noticed, that here the Timeline is missing a lot of years. For example I have mine: https://alienspredatoraliens-versus-predator.fandom.com/hu/wiki/Id%C5%91vonal

This don't have all the source materials, I still need to finish a bunch of comics, books, etc. but as you can see I have a lot of dates, that are written in the books/comics (Aliens: Music of the Spears for example set in 2223 and 2224), or Aliens: Defiance (2137 december to 2138). When I use the ' marking, it's means it's just a relativ date, the event happens around this period and I give clues why I think its there. Is there a reason why Xenopedia don't s…

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M$. B0yee M$. B0yee 19 February 2021

Is the company evil

The company asked my coworker Greg to conduct some "tests." It's been 3 weeks and I found his arm in the hallway. Just. His. Arm.

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Fox357magnum Fox357magnum 4 February 2021

NECA Figures Biographies

  • 1 Films
    • 1.1 Predator 2
      • 1.1.1 Armored Lost Predator (Ultimate)
      • 1.1.2 Scout Predator (Ultimate)
      • 1.1.3 Stalker Predator (Ultimate)
      • 1.1.4 Guardian Predator (Ultimate)
      • 1.1.5 Battle Damaged City Hunter Predator (Ultimate)
      • 1.1.6 Warrior Predator (Ultimate)
      • 1.1.7 Shaman Predator (Ultimate)
      • 1.1.8 Boar Predator (Ultimate)
      • 1.1.9 Snake Predator (Ultimate)
      • 1.1.10 Elder Predator (Ultimate)
    • 1.2 Alien vs. Predator
      • 1.2.1 Celtic
      • 1.2.2 Chopper
      • 1.2.3 Scar
      • 1.2.4 Elder Predator
      • 1.2.5 Ancient Warrior Predator
      • 1.2.6 Temple Guard Predator
      • 1.2.7 Ancient Warrior Predator
    • 1.3 Predators
      • 1.3.1 Berserker Predator
      • 1.3.2 Falconer Predator
      • 1.3.3 Tracker Predator
  • 2 Comics
    • 2.1 Predator: Life and Death
      • 2.1.1 Cracked Tusk Predator
      • 2.1.2 Hive Wars Predator
  • 3 Games
  • 4 Alien vs. Predator - Arcade Game
    • 4.1 Chrysalis (Xenomorph Variant XX121A…
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HadAnd0426 HadAnd0426 8 January 2021

Insights and popular pages gone

Following the wiki overhaul, I can't seem to locate wiki statistics on page views anymore, specifically the popular pages section seems to have just totally disappeared. Anyone know how to access this? HadAnd0426 (talk) (Contribs) 12:27, 8 January 2021 (UTC)

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TheAntennaGamer TheAntennaGamer 7 December 2020

Alien: Blackout

I think it's great! I would love to play it. And it is really similar to FNAF (not that i'm a real fan of FNAF). And I heard the main character is Amanda Ripley, so that's cool unto itself. So the game might be in the time-period when Ellen Ripley is in Hyper Sleep. And that's all I have to say about it.

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HadAnd0426 HadAnd0426 28 November 2020

WY Report or Alien RPG handbook

For those who has both sources, which book do you think serves as a better encyclopedia for the franchise?? the Weyland Yutani report or the handbook that comes with the Alien Roleplaying Game?? I would very much like to hear peoples opinions on this, as I am seeking to invest in the handbook myself, though Im cautious as to whether it will be a waste of money or not.HadAnd0426 (talk) (Contribs) 18:38, 28 November 2020 (UTC)

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Fenris Wolfbrother Fenris Wolfbrother 8 October 2020


Okay so I get that we're using a different software and all but can the articles get some color because it's kinda hard to read them?

I dont mind the new software stuff or whatever, but the articles like yautja, and engineers are hard to read when they're gray words on a white background or whatever.

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Xenokiller123 Xenokiller123 20 August 2020

AVP:R Hospital Impregnation scene

So, about the hospital scene. I can't seem to find any kind of behind-the-scenes info on it. I'm really curious as to how they got the effect. Was it digital? Was it practical? I have a feeling it was somewhere in between. If anyone can find any knd of info, please let me know!

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Fox357magnum Fox357magnum 22 July 2020

USS Odobenus and Kathar Station

Hello there AVP fans, I have a question for Alien RPG owners.

On page 275 and 279 (also on the galaxy map), there is mentions of a research station named Kathar Station set by WY on LV-426 orbit.

However on page 276 there is mention of Odobenus station orbiting LV-426 but no mention of Kathar.

So my question is are Kathar and Odobenus the same station ??? Or is it a typo error ????


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Kingsman28 Kingsman28 2 July 2020

Marvel Comics takes the Alien and Predator licenses from Dark Horse

I'm not sure what to feel about this announcement. I've always loved what Dark Horse has done with the licenses and now that Marvel is snapping them up, I'm a little afraid that we'll just go back to the older way of doing things again, but with more crossovers. I guess only time will tell. 


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Kelpy87 Kelpy87 1 July 2020

Cold Iron Studio's Alien game theories

I have heard many theories and leaks about this very ambitious game. I have no other games to look forwards too, and I'm very excited to hear any ideas that could possibly be included in this mysterious new title in the alien universe

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HadAnd0426 HadAnd0426 28 June 2020

5000th page!

Congrats Xenopedia on achieving 5000 pages! Big milestone there. HadAnd0426 (talk) (Contribs) 17:58, June 28, 2020 (UTC)

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Darth Crucible 01 Darth Crucible 01 9 June 2020

Alien 3 and Resurrection

Should Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection be decanonised

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Xhosayande Xhosayande 3 May 2020

Youtuber AcidGlow Stealing Our Content

Hello fellow Editors,

There is a Youtuber by the name of AcidGlow who has been stealing AVP Wikia's content for some time now, as well as content from other wikias. Anytime we find a discovery about some new AVP lore, stories, ect. he creates a video shortly after essentially just reading off what we've found. He is a verified user, which if I'm not mistaken, means the views he gets makes him money. His vids seem to hover in the 300k to 500k view range, with some even reaching 1 million. His new videos mix things up a bit, but it's clear he's stealing from our wiki. Some of his old videos are just out and out, word for word plagiarism.

I think it's incredibly unfair that we take time out of our day to find and organize all this information o…

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Darth Crucible 01 Darth Crucible 01 18 April 2020

Covenant sequel

Will the sequel to Covenant ever be be made

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The Creature Slayer The Creature Slayer 1 April 2020

Aliens: Space Marines review

I've been wanting to do some reviews of material in the franchise for a while and with how much research I've been doing into this series of comics, I thought I'd start with these. Obviously, SPOILER ALERT.

Aliens: Space Marines is a fun little adventure story that follows alternate versions of the characters from the timeless 1986 classic, Aliens. Known as the Space Marines (flashy 90s era Colonial Marines), the characters travel across several planets (and a moon) combating a potential  invasion of Earth. These comics came packaged with the Kenner Products Aliens figures and usually told a story relating to the character or Xeno figure that it was packaged with. The comics were written by Dan Jolley, lettered by Dan Nakrosis and edited by …

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Reaperj743 Reaperj743 11 March 2020

Xenomorph Fighter

while they share many similar traits with the standard Xenomorph, these lone wolf predators are somewhat feared by the hive and all are viewed as needed scourges that lack the typical Hive mentality of their counterparts.

while they have the standard acidic blood and inner jaw, they lack the primary physical Dorsal Fins quite like their kin. here's a brief explanation of looks as how they're imagined by me.

with a more rounded and smooth head than most other Xenomorphs, this unit resembles a Drone in its behavior and look. however, its slaws are much longer than normal and all feature a wicked curve to them, making it great for tearing through armor of even the toughest colonial marine. there have been several recorded instances, however, of…

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The Creature Slayer The Creature Slayer 27 February 2020

Ridley Scott, Neill Blomkamp, and the Destruction of the Alien Franchise

This just a WIP/placeholder draft, I have plans to expand on this post, I just wanted to get it made so I don't forget to make it in the future.

First I should probably state just how much I loathe the two individuals mentioned in the title of this blog for what they are trying to do (or in the latter's case wanted to do) to the franchise and how glad I am that the so-called "Alien 5" was scrapped. Now with that out of the way, let's get into the meat of this blog post.

So I should probably elaborate on what I mean by "the destruction of the Alien franchise", so I'll start with the man who only agreed to come back to the franchise if he was allowed to divert it from its roots. Not only does this man have the audacity to try and say that the s…

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Reaperj743 Reaperj743 18 February 2020

what to do?

I'm at a bit of a crossroads here. let me explain myself, real quick. I'm a worldbuilder who likes to get more technical than most, and while I often make things up it is a plausible ability that, given the right circumstances, could already be in effect. but that's just me, and I'm stumped right now (more on that later).

I have come to a crossroads here. I have mostly written down what I have to give. Demimorph has a placeholder, Neomorph is pretty close to done, Agilimorph is too lengthy to really finish, and I mean ever, and of course Ultramorph is basically just upgraded Xenomorphs.

so, this is my question for this blog post, which I will also be making into a Forum post. excuse me if I don't know the name (prob's on community chat).


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The Creature Slayer The Creature Slayer 15 February 2020

Raven Fan Theory

This is my personal view on one possible explanation for the Raven.

Disclaimer - obviously the devs of ACM never intended this to be the case but I don't believe they ever even had an explanation for the Raven's origins and just wanted a cool new boss Xeno without putting any real thought into it.

A large, intelligent, powerful, durable, and aggressive Xenomorph, ostracized from the others deep in the sewers and capable of commanding lesser castes? This description reminds me a lot of another particular caste, the Praetorians who share similar traits and are ostracized from the hive when they begin to develop into Queens. The Raven is of course, not a Praetorian... But what if it was something similar? I believe that the Raven could be a dama…

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Yautja god Yautja god 12 February 2020

If anyone has any information about predator hunting grounds

If anyone has any information about predator hunting grounds plz tell me so I can start up a information page on it

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Reaperj743 Reaperj743 10 February 2020

Demimorph, Basics

"Look upon my works, Ye Mighty, and Despair." -David.

this will be a more embellished account than you might think. specifically, I must get this out of the way first. THESE CREATURES ARE FAN MADE AND INVOLVED IN SEVERAL WORKS OF MINE. none of these works are true Fanfictions, at leats how you would consider it. they are more like actual books than fanfictions. that being said, you'd be surprised just how much idle hands are the devils workshop. sorry, couldn't help myself.

I've just finished watching ALIENS: COVENANT, and I must say the idea is fascinating. that David, a Rogue Synthetic, created the Xenomorphs into what they are today, truly makes me excited for what comes next.

but as I said, I have other idea. and they are as follows.

the D…

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