I love all predators... Well, there are a few I really don't like very much believe It or not... back In August 24, 2016, I did a blog called My top 5 disliked predators, but times have changed, It has grown to 7 predators that I REALLY don't like, and i'm gonna explain why I don't like these predators here, so get ready. (THIS BLOG IS NOT DONE!)

    7. Tichinde -

    6. Bad Blood -

    5. Two-Stripes - So what exactly did Two-Stripes here do to end up here... Well, he takes credit for stuff he didn't do, for example, trying to take credit for discovering a carcass with a ruptured chest that his fellow clan member Light-stepper found and then lashes out on him, sad part Is that two-stripes ends up getting credit for the discovery, but oh, Two-stripes did…

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    Hey everybody, Its been a long time since I've last posted any blogs, which was back in September 16, 2018 but you know, a lot of stuff happening In my life, busy with the predator fan app and i'm lazy, y'all know how it is. So back In May 23, 2016, I made a blog about my to 15 favorite predators, but things have changed, now Its grown to 20. Also I'm gonna talk about and explain why these predators, these yautjas are my favorites and what makes them special to me. (THIS BLOG IS NOT DONE...)

    20. Greyback - 

    19. Yaquita - 

    18. Vagouti -

    17. Predator Warrior - 

    16. Dark -

    15. Alien Masked Predator -

    14. Hashori -

    13. Enforcer -

    12. Fugitive -

    11. Big Mama -

    10. Redemption Predator -

    9. Dark Age Predator -

    8. Big Red -

    7. Sister Midnight -

    6. Ahab -

    5. Dacha…

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  • MikeChristie13

    What was the planet at the end of Prometheus Life And Death Final Conflict?

    I think it was Earth after the Sacrifice Engineer died. Maybe it was LV-426 (Acheron) and the ship may be the Derilict.

    Any Thoughts?

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  • MikeChristie13

    The Predators

    February 6, 2019 by MikeChristie13

    I am working on the storyline for predator 5 it will come out in 2037. It will have super predators from Predators in it.

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  • The Cruentus

    Ok. For those who haven't seen the movie, read at your own risk as this will contain spoilers.

    Right as some us know, the movie was....insane, disjointed and honestly not the film we really wanted. The ending was just horrible, the secret weapon turned out to be an iron man nanotech copycat suit called the Predkiller, not only does it not fit in the film or the franchise but logically its not a very good defensive weapon against an entire invasion, since it is only one suit and we know a single predator mothership could devastate cities easily.

    Now if you think the Predkiller suit was bad, if you think that concept was bad.... Then allow me to direct you here:…

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  • Seegson Executive Alex


    December 5, 2018 by Seegson Executive Alex

    My approach to Seegson has always been shrouded in mystery. Specifically the date of the comapny being founded, you know I question on why the developers add so much detail onto the history of Seegson along with many interesting achievements and products made by them as well.

    The name of the founder Josiah suggests to me that the company wasn't initially American or European. Perhaps when the name was rebranded to Seegson they became a European company.

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  • Freighttrain, The

    (Updated as of 9/01/2019)

    Hello yet again discerning AVP fans, this time I am listing only those Xenomorphs that I believe to be canonical or canonically feasible, in the case that reading my previous blog post on the fully comprehensive Xenomorph classification system that I have created had caused anyone to mistakenly believe that I interpret all conceived of Xenomorph varieties from offical media as canonical, which of course I don't.

    I also include appropriate name changes for several Xenomorph varieties as well as Xenomorph hive and caste dynamics that encompass the coordinated societal functions of all of the standard and auxiliary caste varieties that I have listed as canonical.

    Pre-list contents:

    • Notes
    • Xenomorph name changes
    • Xenomorph c…

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  • Resident4ever

    Okay, this one is not going to be that crazy article that connects a bunch of EU material together to make a mega theory of "what if the Preds evolved in Earth". In this theory we only have to check the Concrete Jungle, Cold War, Dark River comics/books and the Predator: South China Sea novel and the Predator 2 film.

    So, let's start what we know!

    After the incident in Val Verde the Other World Lifeform Taskforce capteures Alan "Dutch" Schaefer. However in the movie, Predator 2 (set in 1997) Peter Keyes mentions that Schaefer escaped and they don't know where is his current location. And this is what we are know, fortunately the comics/books help us solve the missing Schaefer problem.

    The Concrete Jungle, Cold War and Dark River arc base aroun…

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  • Resident4ever

    In the comic, Predator: Homeworld, the two hero thinking about where the Predators evolved. Are they from Earth? Maybe they evolved from our planet many millenia ago, but somehow they left the planet? The woman's theory in the comic is this: the Predators evolved in Earth, but left, because they are bored, so they constructed spaceships to travel between the stars (this theory is wrong in my opinion, because none of the comic, books, films and games mentions, or hints this, we dont see any predator ruins, artifacts, or anything else). However the second theory is correct, an unknown species watched the young predator species and thought they are promising for their porpuse.

    So the Predators are not aliens, but a lost race. This explains why…

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  • WrathoftheArrow

    I try to inform these wikis about key related information... I wrote on the Left4Dead Wiki. I noticed weird things about that game...and reported the most obvious and easy to verify.

    On the Left4Dead Wiki, I wrote some simple things to describe: (1) Zombie Culture (2) Zombie Physiology (3) Aperture Science and GLaDOS. ...and they booted me for talking about: Aperture Science:

    Who would boot me for talking about a 'fictional' company that you can find listings for and has stock?

    My blocked Left4Dead profile had this creepy Xen-takeover rant from 'Cave Johnson':

    [My Block Text, with one of the Terrorists who programmed GLaDOS commenting??]

    This user is currently blocked. The latest block log entr…

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  • OtterSurf

    Woah there, fellow Alien and Predator nuts! These last two years have seen in the latest installments of both franchises and I for one would like to hear your opinions on either! Tell us all what you think!

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  • Armdx077

    I have come to terms

    November 2, 2018 by Armdx077

    After seeing The Predator, I have come to conclusion that no matter how many Predator movies, books, novels people make, nothing will EVER best the first movie.

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  • AlphaLima1980

    Hello everyone,

    I've been writing a prequel story to Alien: Isolation for the last months, it was intended as some kind of novelization, but as the Novel was announced now it's just fanfic, but you can enjoy it while we wait for the novel next year. Here's the link. Send your opinions, it's not finished yet but there will be... soon.

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  • Predator King

    How I found this

    October 13, 2018 by Predator King

    One day i decided to make a story about Aliens and Predators when I looked it up I found a link to Xenopedia when i clicked the link it showed me the main menu. After I checked out an artical or two I decided to make an account and here I am learning new and fascinating things about Aliens and Predators.

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  • MUTHUR9000
    1. Added date of the recording played of Sir Peter Weyland in Prometheus mission briefing to timeline ALIEN + BLADE RUNNER SHARED UNIVERSE TIMELINE
    2. The Predator Giveaway!
    3. Comic sequel to Aliens: Defiance and Alien: Isolation 
    4. Competition time! William Gibson’s Alien 3 
    5. Alien: Echo by Mira Grant due April 9, 2019 
    6. Farewell Al Matthews… 
    7. Fan Creatives: Violin Dragoness, Musician 
    8. Alien Explorations spreads news of documentary! 
    9. Update: Alien 3 on Local Comic Shop Day 
    10. Happy Father’s Day 

    I will do a twitch stream of the Patreon Prize Draw with a rundown on all last month's Alien news.

    And as of this month, Sachibelle is going to be translating the Prometheus Japanese Novelisation, so any subscribers $5 or higher would be appreciated!…

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  • Indoraptor123

    By the comment on the post, and by me, i am going to make the fan-fic, now read:

    The history would be that the company Weyland-Yutani, would study even more the xenomorphs, search more species for then, make a xenomorph zoo, the rest is going to be showed in the episodes. The predators are going to be showed too.

    New xenomorph and predator species, a new planet and more details about some species like the Shark Deacon.

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  • Indoraptor123

    Alien fan-fic

    October 4, 2018 by Indoraptor123

    Im planning on making an alien fan-fic, im planning on what should be the story but, i want your guys oppinion:

    Should i do it?

    Or i should not do it?

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  • The Creature Slayer

    So for some context, I've always had this memory of a movie I watched as a kid that had both the Xenomorphs & a Predator in it, however, this movie was neither Alien vs. Predator or its sequel. While I don't remember exactly when I watched it, I do remember that it was on that old Sci-Fi/Horror channel on Sky TV (so I do not believe this was a fan-film), this was probably around almost a decade ago. I don't remember much about the plot, setting or characters but there are a few scenes which stick in my mind.

    Of the Human characters that I can actually remember there was a blonde guy and black haired girl, other than some scientists (We-Yu ?) I believe the movie mainly focused on a small group (5 or 6 guys) of people including the aforementi…

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    Well, I just saw the predator with my boyfriend yesterday... And I got some shit to say about the movie, but before I do... This Is going to be heavy on SPOILERS... So If you have yet to see The Predator... Then DON'T read this... If you have already see The Predator... Go right ahead and read this, but you probably won't like what I have to say about It...


    Anyways, I'm going to start by getting the negatives out of the way, starting with the BIGGEST problem I have with the movie... Predators genetically altering themselves... That there is without a doubt the most DUMBEST F*CKING thing EVER... Of all time! I hated the idea then and I hated the Idea days before, and I still hate It today! Why would Yautjas alte…

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  • Leigh Burne

    So, is out. There seems to have been a huge amount of negativity surrounding this film in the run up to its release (a large amount of it coming from people who seemingly decided to make up their mind before even giving it a shot, which is sad), so now that it's out, what is it like?

    Overall, I really, really enjoyed it. This isn't quite vintage Shane Black, but there's plenty of his magic style in there. Most of the dialogue and characters are fantastic — in particular our heroes, a group of misfit military rejects known as the Loonies, are superb together. Government villain Traeger is also exceptional, a real slimy, self-confident S.O.B. who you can't help but love. The Fugitive Predator was great, a sweet new design and perhaps the mos…

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  • Freighttrain, The

    (Updated as of 27/11/2018)

    Hello again discerning AVP fans, this time I am writing about my personal perspectives on the cultural modalities and other aspects of the Yautja and I would like to thank WOLFPREDATORQUEEN1 for providing the conjecture in her various blog posts that inspired me to write one myself.

    The Yautja (Ya-OOT-ja) are a classic example (and the best that I am aware of) of a technologically advanced extraterrestrial species that understands how and how not to use technology, meaning they only use advanced technology to enhance their culture, individuality and capabilities, not supplant them or become lazy and dependant on technology, nor do they use advanced technology to perform grotesque experiments, fundamentally alter na…

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  • Freighttrain, The

    (Updated as of 26/12/2018)

    Hello discerning AVP fans, I have recently created a fully comprehensive classification system for every known variety of Xenomorph and Xenomorph-like creature ever depicted or described in official media of any sort from the Aliens and Aliens vs. Predator franchises. As far as I am aware, no other such Xenomorph classification system of similar all-inclusive comprehensiveness and categorical accuracy exists elsewhere on the internet.

    Though having said that I of course do not interpret all conceived of Xenomorph varieties from official media as canonical and a list of those Xenomorphs that I do interpret as canonical and canonically feasible is featured in another blog post of mine.

    There are these two Xenopedia catego…

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  • Leigh Burne

    Back in April, Titan Books released a new Alien novel, The Cold Forge by Alex White. For a long time it sat unread on my shelf, chiefly because I had such a large backlog of other novels that I'd yet to start. That meant I didn't pick it up until recently, but I finally got around to finishing it.

    And it is absolutely excellent.

    The really glaring difference between this and the other Alien novels I've read is that this isn't just a good Alien book — it's a damn good book full-stop. Great concepts, engaging characters and fantastic writing from White result in a brilliant novel that manages to be so much more than its run-of-the-mill synopsis suggests. Reading the back cover, we're led to believe this will be yet another rote tale about company sci…

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    So Finally I get to talk about the Predator Fan App! I Honestly don't know where to start with this one because there is just so much to talk about. For those of you that don't know, The Predator Fan App is a free app that you can download on your phone and interact with other Predheads and post anything alien & Predator. I learned about this app last year while doing my usual browsing through AVPGalaxy and It did take me a bit sometime before I finally decided to download It, It was free afterall.

    I guess I can start with what to do once you download the Predator Fan App. First, you get on the app and start your account, make a profile pretty much, and password because you can sign in & out of the app, Me personally, I never sign out of th…

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  • AlphaLima1980

    Hi, Alien: Isolation is by far my favorite Alien game and one of the best stories, for that reason I wrote a short story about how Marlow and crew found the Nostromo flight recorder. Also including some of game's cut content as the Solace. I hope soon write the rest of the story: a novelization of the mission LV-426. also Foster's death from the point of view of Lingard, Waits trying to kill the alien. the point of view of reporter Julia Jones, even the point of view of the Xenomorph. So, there is. Enjoy. I don't own any Alien: Isolation characters or events, those are property of Creative Assembly and Twenty Century Fox.


    ‘Son of Iapetos, surpassing all in cunning, you are glad that you have outwitted me and stolen fire--…

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    Let's talk about yautja females... once again! Please keep an open mind and rather or not you believe that all of this information is true or nothing more then speculation is really up for you to decide... The reason I'm Bringing up this blog and the subject again is because back when I wrote this blog back in the 7th of November, 2015, I had acted really poorly to Leigh Burne and just overall being a real bitch to him for sharing his own personal views on the matter and really, there was no excuse for my behavior and I had no real reason to be a bitch to him to begain with. While i did apologize to him for being out of order, I still do feel bad about it and I honestly wish I could've handle it alot better or at the very least try to be t…

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    Just what is the xenomorphs gender? The topic of what the xenomorphs gender is has been heavily debated by many fans. I have done a blog talking about this subject back in the 7th of October, 2015, where I pretty much explained how I had "strong" Evidence to support my claim of xenomorphs being entirely all Female. And while i do still hold on to that belief and I still do refer to all Xenomorphs as Female, but i have since learn to accept that xenomorphs (except the Queen) don't really have gender.

    Xenomorphs have been compared to social insects, Like bees, ants & termites. This is called eusociality, which is the highest level of animal sociality & is defined as cooperative brood care, overlapping generations within the colony of adults, …

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  • Sheba151


    January 3, 2018 by Sheba151


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  • IamRoshan

    Our Earth is a quite big place to live. Human civilization, in past few centuries has grown drastically. Today, there are about 195 countries with over 4416 cities in the world. Fortunately, technology have made traveling to any far distant places easier than ever.

    On our beloved planet, most of its regions are beautiful and much safer. This, unfortunately is not true for all parts. In the list below, I'm going to unveil the 49 most dangerous  cities in the world. This ranking is based on the risk to life from other humans (or more evil beings). This are the cities with highest homicide per 100,000 people compared to any other cities on the planet.

    It's believed that corrupt politicians & officials are the major causes of this. Additionally,…

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  • AuferstandenAusRuinen

    Hi there, i am creating a xenomorph size chart:

    Due to a comment i am speculating about the Xenomorph King. The comment was like: "the Xenomorph King from sideshow is not the Rogue Xenomorph from the comics. It is a regular King." So i checked all sources and now i am quite confused.

    1. :

    The Rogue Xenomorph is an alien created by Rogue, a mad scientist. The Rogue Xenomorph is also frequently called the King Xenomorph on the internet because of the tooltip in the strip that says: "AN ALIEN KING.".

    picture Rogue Alien comic

    The "King Alien" was created by Kenner as part of their Aliens toyline. The king was created by the Weyland-Yutani company …

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    Ok... So Its been what? 3 months seen I've done anything here on this wiki. So... Whats going on in my life? Well, for starters...

    I survived Hurricane Irma, as i have with 2 of the others hurricanes in my childhood, However, my home got flooded and me, mom & her boyfriend (who BTW is a f*cking asshole) had to spend the night in a 2 to 3 inch flooded house and believe me... It was a LONG night, we had to keep the lanai open to get air in the house, not only would you hear the sounds of the wind blowing hard, calm down a bit then blow harder again and again, but you'd also hear the loud croaking of frogs as their enjoying the new wetlands feeding and spawning. I slept on the couch because my room was flooding and i had alot of stuff from my …

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  • MUTHUR9000

    Alien: Covenant Analysis

    September 24, 2017 by MUTHUR9000

    I have been part of a facebook Alien Prequel Fan Club group and Herrozzy who had created a video showcasing the art works which inspired the cinematography and juxtoposition of Alien: Covenant.

    He asked for feedback on his video and I had decided to honestly critique it since I have a background in art.

    Here's a transcription of my conversation with him: MU/TH/UR9000 Firstly I'd like to thank you for such an amazing video. Secondly I'd like to apologise for this. I hate to be that person but I am just nitpicky, I do love your video. I don't have the talent to create such a thing but here's my feedback.  The Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci 1495–1498.There is no space between Da and Vinci. The date is incorrect. Terror Antiquus by Léon Bakst 19…

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  • MUTHUR9000

    Prometheus Analysis

    September 21, 2017 by MUTHUR9000

    I started doing an investigation on Prometheus recently and how it may link to Dante's Inferno or the Divine Comedy. My friend Gray had alerted me to the fact Fifield mentions that the Pile of dead Engineers looked like some holocaust painting, and that took me down a very dark road. There are thousands upon thousands of photos and paintings but I couldn't find anything specific that looked like the scene. So I started to look outside of it and studied the art of Gustave Dore who illustrated the Divine Comedy. A lot of his work is symbolically present in Alien: Covenant so I thought maybe it could apply to Prometheus as well. When I found a picture similar to the scene I looked up the Canto it referred to and eureka, I found it. After read…

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  • MUTHUR9000

    MU/TH/UR 9000

    September 20, 2017 by MUTHUR9000


    What’s your name?

    You can call me MU/TH/UR, for all intents and purposes.

    Why are you here?

    This tumblr is to expand on my obsession with robots, fictional and real. In my spare time run a Discord Yutani Corporation channel and Yutani Corporation  Facebook Fan page.

    Do you know all like MU/TH/UR?

    I like to keep track of what is happening in the world of AI and robotics, I also know a lot of useless information about the Alien Universe. So yes I guess so, my friends Siri, Alexa help out from time to time.

    How long have you been a fan of Alien?

    I watched it (Alien 1979) with my cousin back in 1986, we had the game on Commodore 64 and had a few Kenner figurines. I watched every movie in the…

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  • MGSolidSnake

    I love Predator 2, I love it a lot, in fact I saw it so long ago that when I was young I was under the impression that Predator 2 was as good as Predator 1, like Alien and Aliens. I've even had debates with my friend about Predator 2, he doesn't think there has ever been one good Predator movie as good as the first movie. He picks apart about how the Predator couldn't have understood "Shit happens" and say it in a manner of context. Anywho, there was one problem I have with Predator 2. Remember at the end of the movie when City Hunter and Danny Glover are dangling on the edge of the building and he activates his self-destruct and Danny Glover cut off his hand? Well, after he did the Predator fell off the building onto a pipe thta crashed i…

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  • AuferstandenAusRuinen

    Hello there,


    i wanted a good xenomorph size chart and there was nothing good on the internet. So i doodled one by myself.

    I know that there is one other chart, but it contains a lot of the new Ridley-mess and the quality of the chart is too low.
    I wanted the single alien pictures to be of nearly the same quality, so i used some pictures of the NECA-figures: and some cgi-stuff.

    It was not that easy because Prometheus and Covenant fucked up so much of the original spacemonster.
    I decided to use xenomorphs from the films Alien, Aliens, Alien3 and Alien: Resurrection.
    Additionally i used some xenomorphs from the expanded universe such as comics and computer games.

    Because i hate what Ridley Scott did with the "engineers" and the…

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  • MattFiler

    Alien: Isolation Zombies

    August 18, 2017 by MattFiler

    If you're not already aware, I've created (and currently am still working on) a custom map for Black Ops III named "Alien Isolation Zombies". This Zombie map takes place in the Alien universe aboard Sevastopol in an alternate story to the original game, where the four Zombies characters arrive at Sevastopol on the Torrens and have to escape through the Spaceflight Terminal and Tow Platform to survive.

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  • MrXenomorphTheorist 2

    I had an idea for a new xenomorph type.

    the malakmorph, and would come from an octo hugger impregnateing a Mala'kak.  The malakmorph would be the size of a praetorian, and have the same  crest as an Empress xenomorph, an inner jaw and two  tails. it would not have an eggsack or throne, but would be able to vomit out a small resin coated ball of concentrated acid, and the resin shell would break on contact after being thrown. if left alone, the acid ball would eventually mutate into a regular Ovomorph and that would be that. one of the tails would have a barb, but the other tail would have a smooth end with 6 small holes. these hole would realease maggot like creatures onto humans and other threats and eat away at the target untill the targe…

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  • MrXenomorphTheorist 2

    this page is only my veiws and not strict fact.

    NOTES- General


    Xenomorph drones vomit up the resin found in xenomorph hives. Tail is mostly used for the defence of the xenomorph in question or  too defend another xeno in the fight or possibly too carve tunnels in the rock too make caves (theory).

    -Xenomorphs all rally  around one female organism named the queen owing to the fact that it seems to command an it has an egg sack that produces eggs that open up and houses a facehugger.

    -Not very known is that xenomorphs have two extra stages of life not well known about which are the larva and mini stage. The larva stage is like a chestburster with the dorsal thorns on it's back and the normal head. The mini stage is…

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    Here It is finally!!! LOL!!! Anyways, Here is my Personal top 10 Favorite Xenomorphs! Not as much as my Top 15 favorite Predator blog, but it was kinda hard to find Xenomorphs the stood out to me. and like always, Tell me what your favorite Xeno is and maybe what it is about them you like.

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  • Devastatorlit2

    Alrit so a week or two ago Neca showed us the figures for series 18! which is your favorite? tell me in the comment section down below I really want Hornhead Predator!

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  • TheOneHomieXeno

    new art!

    June 7, 2017 by TheOneHomieXeno

    i figured out how to make it bigger, and heres my facehugger art!

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  • SynthNorbert

    SInce the novelisation of A:C presented a different origin story for the xeno species than what we were lead to believe in the film, is the A:C - Origins novel going to be a prequel to the film, the novel, or both? I feel like since Foster is writing the story, its going to be more in line with the novelisation, further corroborating the origin story. Any thoughts? SynthNorbert (talk) (Contribs) 20:08, June 4, 2017 (UTC)

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  • TheOneHomieXeno

    hey, i hope that you like my art. (also, please forgive me for the size, i coulden't figure out how to change it)

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  • TheOneHomieXeno


    May 25, 2017 by TheOneHomieXeno

    the xenomorph drones are very interesting to me, and i really want to find out more about them, so i decided to check out their page on this wiki and found out some pretty cool information, so i wanted to blog it. my main question however, is: how do they spread the resin for their hives? my theory is that their tails have tiny holes that realease the resin onto the walls and when they molt the resin holes get covered by the new skins.

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  • Teen Titans Forever!

    I love Alien and Aliens but I also very much enjoy Alien 3, Alien Resurrection, AVP, and Prometheus. I also enjoy all three Predator films but for me they are on the Alien Resurrection level as they are fun enjoyable movies but just that.

    Alien 3 felt more like Alien which was great. With a movie that had major studio interference it turned out to be good IMO. Shame that the director disowned it.

    Alien Resurrection to me is 100% stupid fun. I enjoy the hell out of it. Sure, the newborn was stupid but it worked with the over the top tone. I hate it when people compare it to Jaws the Revenge as that movie was just plain boring. You can tell that the cast were having a blast making it. Stupid movie, yes. Fun movie, yes.

    AVP is my least favorite …

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  • HadAnd0426

    So i've heard from some people that regarding the flashback scene in Alien: Covenant in which David releases the ampules of black goo onto the supposed Engineer civilization, the species located there were not actually Engineers, but instead a different one; a replacement species after humans were proven to be a disappointment. Thoughts?? Given, the pupils were not fully black like those seen in Prometheus it could always be a possibility... HadAnd0426 (talk) (Contribs) 18:32, May 22, 2017 (UTC)

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  • SynthNorbert

    My Alien Theory:

    So Alien: Covenant was AWESOME! it totally quenched my thirst for new Alien universe expansion plus left the story current story open to head in a totally different and even more previous direction... let me explain...

    David couldn't have created the Xenomorphs. The derelict in LV-426 with the chestbursted pilot was millions of years old when it was found in Alien, so the xenomorph or a variation of it existed long before David cooked one up in a lab on a distant planet. 

    What I think is happening is that while Weyland was obsessed with finding the formula to eternal life, David was obsessed with finding the Engineers and replicating their solution to the formula to eternal life and replicating it himself... xenomorphs.


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    Ok, so I've been playing Alien: Isolation for some time, and all thanks to my boyfriend who has steam and he knows how much I freakin' love Alien & Predator, so he got AVP3 & Alien: Isolation on his steam so that I can play them. I'll talk about AVP3 some other time, We're here to talk about Alien: Isolation. Now this isn't really a review, its more of me just taking about the game and what I've done on the game so far.

    In Alien: Isolation, and most of you should already know this, especially if you've played the game, the plot revolves around Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley's daughter, who is no longer a 10 year old going on 11, but an adult now and works as an engineer, Samuels invites Amanda to join the small Weyland-Yutani team being sent t…

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    Ok, So First, Happy Late Alien Day... Yeah, Just so we're clear, I Live in Florida, which is in the United States, and this Special Alien Day Event was in London, So there was no way for me to go there, especially since my family Isn't rich, but if your somebody like Leigh Bume, Who just happens to live in the UK mind you, that was lucky to be there, I'm very happy for you, and I sincerely mean it too.

    So Anyways, Updates, For starters, I am planning on doing a blog on my Top 10 Favorite Xenomorphs, though I wish I could've done it on Alien Day, but hey! I've already done a Top 15 Favorite Predators & Top 5 Disliked Predators, So how about Some love for Alien huh?

    And After that blog, I'll be doing another blog in which I'll be talking about…

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