A Blazer is a form of weapon used by the Yautja species and equipped on the military caste Blazer infantry as seen in AvP: Extinction.


The blazer is a shoulder-mounted energy projector that fires a sweeping inferno beam. Hotter than many stars at its core, an inferno beam works by instantly heating objects it touches to the point of spontaneous combustion. Given this ability, the weapon is designed to hit as many enemies as possible by sweeping in large arcs across its primary target. Since it does not need to be aimed with such precision, the Blazer can continue to fire even while on the move. It has also been seen in a handheld form that looks like a rifle.

The Dual Blazer is an upgraded version of the Blazer weapon used by the military caste Yautja Blazer infantry.

Upgrade: Dual Blazer

When upgraded, the Blazer Predator mounts a set of two linked blazers, one on each shoulder. The dual blazers coordinate their fire in order to maximize the damage they inflict, by keeping as many enemies on fire as possible. With this upgrade, a single Blazer Predator can set an entire enemy platoon on fire in seconds.