Blake was a Colonial Marine around 2192. She and her squad were send by Earth's Government to acquire a Xenomorph sample for the weapons division. Her Platoon was sent to the homeworld of the creature for a sample. On the way to the planet The Benedict was invaded by a mercenary force to disrupt the mission. The mercenaries used the Marines as bait on the hostile world unarmed. Blake was one of the five survivors of that encounter. She later died protecting Billie on a chaotic Earth as it was being overrun by the Xenomorph menace.


Mission Training

Blake was one of the Marines selected for a mission to collect a specimen for the Terran Government for weapons research. During one training session with the Platoon's Sergent Wilks; she observed fellow Marines Easley and Bueller get ambushed and defeated in the exercise by the experienced Sergent. Easley asked Blake if she was understanding the Sergent's feedback to the two Marines. Blake simply replied that they both looked like "dung birds."

Blake was created specifically for a retrieval mission for the Terran Government.

Taken Hostage and Sent Planetside

Nine months after The Benedict left Earth, Blake and the rest of the crew were awoken a few days out from their destination to prep. During the last leg of the journey out, Blake had a card game going with several members of her squad. She asked Easley if he wanted in, he refused saying he had patrol duty. Eventually Easley for an "unknown reason" went EVA with a live grenade and getting himself killed. Sometime after that, there was a jolt from the ship and the General Alarm going off.

As the Marines prepped for the assault on the ship, they found out that the feeding ramps on their carbines were removed and the pistols were also sabotaged. Colonel Stephens ordered the Marines to the loading bay for a drop over the PA. There were some skirmishes on board the ship between the Marines and pirate forces but ultimately out gunned the Marines surrendered and were put on the dropship in full combat gear without weapons to be sent into a local hive planetside.

Rescue Mission

After being sent to the planet to be used as "baby food," Blake and her squad were sent into the hive with combat androids piloting air pods armed with Plasma Rifles herding the squad further in. As soon as the squad made it to the hive, some unknown flying creatures began attacking the air pods. An android survived and ran for cover towards the hive to the waiting squad. Fortunately, the android was carrying a Plasma Rifle and a 10mm pistol which the squad took, delegating the rifle to Blake.

After hearing some movement in the hive, the Marines and their hostage left, hoping to get back to the dropship. After taking down several air pods and sniping some more androids due to Blake's sniping skills, the squad was armed and set to take back the dropship. After Bueller spoke code for going reverse since he figured the pirates had the coms hacked. The android hostage didn't realize that instead of going north to the dropship, the squad was going south and coming back around to it. The combat android was vaporized by the remaining air pods.

With Ramirez on point, the squad made their way back to the dropship, but the dropship was rigged to blow and when it went it took Ramirez with it leaving five squad members left. Then Sergent Wilks spoke over the com and together with Billie, managed to clear the ship of combat androids with the pirate on their way down. Then one of the crew started shouting over the com that the creatures were all over him and everyone with him. Before the crewman was taken he managed to activate his tracker and the Marines then made their way back to the hive to save the survivors.

As Blake and the rest the squad made their way back, a wave of xenomorphs came out of the depths an attacked the Marines. One of the creatures had its legs taken out and careened into Chin. It then bit into his leg and then impaled him, killing him the Marines managed to take it out. Another wave cost the squad Smith and soon after another one got a hold of Mbutu with Blake and Bueller taking it out but the acid blood got on Mbutu. Bueller put her out of her misery and Blake and Bueller made their way to the hatchery.

When Blake and Bueller got to the hatchery, they found only one crewmember alive. The Marines then got a message from Wilks over the com that the dropship was here. As Blake and the crewman made their way to the ship a xenomorph jumped out at Bueller and bisected him at the waist. Blake picked up what was left of Bueller and ran to the dropship as it gave support fire to the escapees. When the three made it on board, Blake got a repair kit for Bueller and sealed him at the waist and put electrodes on him. Then the dropship was hit hard by a horde of xenomorphs and Wilks ordered Blake to help him deal with the creatures. But as they were prepped to deal with the creatures the banging and creaking of the hull stopped. They opened the hatch to see the creatures flattened and killed by another alien. After Billie had the creature force its hatred of xenomorphs on her the survivors spent the next hour getting the dropship in order before Wilks' nukes carpeted the surface.

Return to Earth and Death

Blake and the other four survivors managed to escape the bombardment with two hours to spare. After leaving the scorched planet behind them the five set back to Earth to face the consequences of the mission's failure. Another nine months would pass by the time The Benedict made its was back to Earth receiving transmissions about the xenomorph infestation that was plaguing the planet. The crew wasn't aware of this until coming across a transmission from Orona, the man who wanted the creatures brought back from the mission, committing suicide before the creatures caught him in his compromised compound.

The crew made it back to Earth and were guided to one of the few bastions left. As they landed the crew was given specific instructions not to damage the ship. When they landed Blake and the others were greeted by a squad of Marines with their weapons bearing on the survivors. The ranking general stepped forward claiming The Benedict for himself and his men pulling his side arm as he stated that he had no reservations about killing a few more people. The general drew the gun on Billie and Blake stepped in between her and the general following her directives of not allowing harm to come to any humans. The general shot Blake twice in the chest hitting her with a rare shot to her main pump killing her.

Personality & Traits

Behind the Scenes

  • Blake's character remains unchanged from her comic adaptation to her novel adaptation except her final fate. In the comics, instead of being shot by the general, Blake is taken by human Marines and is disassembled.



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