"Get to work, soldier."
―Sgt. Blackwell (from Aliens versus Predator 2)

Sergeant Blackwell is a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps in Aliens versus Predator 2.


In 2231, Blackwell was a member of the United States Colonial Marine Corps sent to LV-1201 aboard the USS Verloc. He is the leader of the squad tasked to get the landing beacon online after the Marines' dropship has a near crash-landing, leading Shugi and Harrison into the outer POC. After an explosion separates Harrison from his team, Blackwell reappears in the landing bay after Harrison activates the beacon and guides the dropship to its landing.

Later, Shugi and Blackwell were killed in the Queen's lair.


  • John Armstrong, who voices Blackwell, also voices Dimitri and Duke Morrison in the game.
  • Blackwell and Shugi's bodies aren't always seen in the Queen's lair. The game's engine randomly selects Marine skins to portray the killed Marines in this level.
  • The phrase "Manos ariba" (the correct spelling would be manos arriba) written on Blackwell's chest plate armor means "Hands up!" in Spanish.
  • If the player idles at the beginning of the first Marine mission, Blackwell will grow increasingly frustrated and eventually contact McCain to notify him Harrison is disobeying a direct order.