Billie was the youngest survivor of a Xenomorph infestation on the colony world of Rim. Discovered by Corporal Wilks, the last surviving member of his Colonial Marine squad, Billie returned to Earth, only to be institutionalized due to her nightmarish experiences with the creatures. Rescued again by Wilks, Billie collaborated with another Xenomorph veteran, Lt. Ripley, to rid the Earth of its Alien infestation.


Early Life and Incident on Rim

Born on the colony world of Rim in 2169, Billie was the younger of two children to Russ and his wife Sarah. Her parents took her, her brother, and Gene Zendall out on an expedition where they discovered a wreckage of a ship of unknown origin. Her parents ventured into the ship and after some time her mother came out of the ship dragging her father. Billie glanced at her father and saw that a strange creature was attached to her father's face.[5] Sometime later her mother and brother suffered the same fate.

She managed to survive the infestation on her own for the month that followed and was discovered by a squad of Colonial Marines.[2] The situation was complicated by the Marines losing their dropship to a xenomorph stowaway and the colony's reactor going critical. During this time a Marine Corporal named Wilks was taking her with his squad to escape the doomed colony.

During the escape, Wilks eventually handed Billie off to one of his squadmates so he could force open a sealed door. Billie protested but was eventually taken by the other Marine so Wilks could get the escape route cleared. The marine was ambushed and killed by a xenomorph and another took Billie to take back to the hive as a host. Wilks shot out the creature's legs and this allowed Billie to get away from the creature and allow Wilks to finish it off.[6]

Wilks and Billie managed to escape the colony before the reactor went critical but not before Wilks fought a Queen in the complex. Sometime during the escape Wilks received acid burns on the left side of his face before escaping. Unfortunately the rest of Wilks' squad perished before they could escape, making Billie and Wilks the only survivors.

Life After Rim

"Yeah, I don't sleep that well myself. Haven't since Rim."
"It was real wasn't it?"
Wilks and Billie, regarding their survival (from Aliens: Earth Hive)

After escaping Rim with Wilks, the two battered survivors made it back only to be put in quarantine for several months. After this, Wilks and Bille parted ways with Wilks returning to the Corps and Billie spent some time with relatives on Ferro for a few years. Because she had recurring nightmares of the creatures on Rim, she eventually was instated in a mental institution on Earth. Under the care of Dr. Jarren, Billie was constantly drugged to deal with her nightmares. Constantly in a drugged haze Billie began to question whether the creatures in her nightmares were real.

Billie spent several years in a mental institution on Earth.

One day in 2192, some thirteen years after the events on Rim; Billie was told by a fellow patient that she had a visitor. This surprised her because besides the patients and staff of the institution were the only people she knew on Earth. She made her way to the visitation room and found herself looking through the glass to see a middle-aged man with scars on the left side of his face. The man introduced himself as Corporal Wilks, the marine that saved her thirteen years ago and in her dreams. Billie then realized that what she dreamt about really happened and realized that she wasn't crazy. She begged Wilks to get her out and started talking about her treatment and therapy; which was one of the conditions she broke during her talk. Bille was taken away by a couple of orderlies begging her savior to help her again. Frustrated and unable to help her Wilks left.


Wilks soon rescues her because he needs her on a trip to the xenomorph homeworld. The two make an illegal escape and Wilks sneaks her into a stasis-pod and hides her on board. When she awakes, a soldier starts to act strange around her, but is nice. She soon realizes he likes her. Wilks warns her to stay away, but she doesn't listen. Mitch, the soldier, and Billie soon have sex aboard the ship.

Afterwards another ship docks and mercenaries take control of The Bennedict. Mitch, Wilks and the rest of the Marines are taken hostage after they realize that their weapons were sabotaged. The marines and the crew were sent down in their combat armor, but without weapons, to be used as bait for the xenomorphs on the planet. Luckily, Billie remained hidden during the hijacking and managed to avoid the merc's android troops. Billie also managed to take out one of the androids that were patrolling the ship. Billie took its weapon since she figured there were more androids on the ship. She eventually found Wilks being held by a merc at gunpoint in the com room.

Discovery & Betrayal

"I tried to fucking warn you! I tried to keep you away from him! You wouldn't listen to me! Yes, he's an android. The whole platoon, all of them they're all androids!"
Wilks to Billie, regarding Bueller being an android (from Aliens: Earth Hive)

Billie entered the control room and ended up catching the attention of the merc. Billie and Wilks got into a scuffle with the merc, with the merc being shot and killed by Billie. It turned out that the merc was reaching for a grenade when Billie shot him. Wilks and Bille then searched the ship for the remaining androids to regain control of the ship. After the synthetics were dealt with Billie wanted to rescue Mitch and the rest of the crew that was stranded on the aliens' planet. Wilks also set the nuclear payload he was able to smuggle on board to carpet and sterilize the planet in six hours.

Wilks and Billie took the other dropship down to the surface to rescue the stranded marines and crew. Mitch's squad was the last one surviving. The squad managed to acquire some weapons from the synthetic guards that were ambushed by the local wild life, and after the rigged dropship exploded the marines decided to rescue the crew members taken to the hive. During the raid on the hive the marine squad lost most of its members to the creatures leaving Mitch and Blake the sole surviving marines to make it to the cocooned crew members.

Wilks and Billie landed during the squad's rescue mission and waited at one of the entrances for the survivors. Billie was relieved to see Mitch among the survivors escaping the hive. Wilks activated the automated turrets on the dropship to provide cover for the survivors. When it seemed like the coast was clear a drone ambushed Mitch and ripped him in half. All Billie could do was scream not just at the horror of her lover being ripped in half, but instead of seeing red blood she saw Mitch bleed white fluid, meaning he was an android. Blake managed to carry the fear0stricken crewmember and the immobile Bueller to the drop ship. As Blake worked to temporarily patch up Mitch, all Billie could do was stare in shock and disbelief as Mitch apologized to her.

Escaping Earth Again

After the harrowing escape from the planet as it was nuked, the five survivors set course for Earth and report the mission's failure as well as Stephens' betrayal. Unknown to the survivors, that a xenomorph infestation started on Earth and was rapidly getting out of control. The transmissions from Earth were flooding in while the crew slept on their way back home. When they awoke they intercepted a transmission from Orona which was his last stand and suicide. Parks called out to Wilks that they had company following them.

The Benedict was given clearance to land with specific orders to not damage the ship. When the survivors landed, they found a general and several marines welcoming them with their weapons drawn. The general filled the survivors in on the situation and that he was commandeering The Benedict for himself and his men, he also stated that he wouldn't hesitate to kill all the survivors if they got in his way. A junior officer told the general that the xenomorphs compromised the base and that it was a matter of time before it was overrun.

The general pulled his pistol on Wilks and Blake stepped in the way telling the general that she won't allow him to do that. The general remarks that he has no issues with killing a few more people and shoots Blake several times killing her. Parks runs away screaming and Wilks takes out a few soldiers to make their escape into the base. The three survivors frantically look for a transport offworld as the sounds of the fighting gets closer. The three come across a small, beaten up freighter to escape the chaos on Earth.

Destination: Unknown

"You okay?"
"Me? Yeah, I'm fine. Why shouldn't I be okay? I'm on a robot ship going God knows where, leaving behind an Earth overrun by alien monsters, in the company of half an android and a Marine that is probably a borderline psyco."
Wilks and Billie (from Aliens: Nightmare Asylum)

Billie, Mitch and Wilks found that the ship they were on was automated and couldn't be switched to manual. Mitch and Wilks stayed in the control center to keep an eye on the ship and viewed some transmissions that were still streaming from Earth. Billie went to sleep after having a strained conversation with Mitch. Billie had another nightmare regarding xenomorphs and Wilks. Billie awoke from the dream and insisted to Wilks and Mitch that they search the ship because Billie felt that there were some xenomorphs on board the small freighter. After insisting to check out the ship to be sure that it was clear Billie and Wilks armed themselves with what few weapons they had from escaping Earth and started checking out the ship. Eventually they came to a locked door that Billie wanted to check out while Wilks figured the ship was clean. Then Billie smelled something burning in the ship and Wilks and Billie grabbed an extinguisher as the smoke alarm went off with the fire suppression system kicking in. Wilks went to see the trouble spot and saw the door was destroyed by acid burns.

Wilks and Billie cautiously made their way into the room and came across a xenomorph's body and four bloody crytubes with bloodied remains of four people. Wilks noted that the cryotubes were set at the lowest non-lethal setting, speculating that it was known that the four were infected. Wilks and Billie made their way back to the cockpit and with Mitch's help used one of the maintenance robots with a camera to seek out the other three xenomorphs on the freighter. The bot found one with Billie and Wilks heading out to exterminate it. They managed to take out one more creature but its acidic blood caused a hull breach. Billie made it through the bulkhead before the hatch closed and Wilks got himself caught under the hatch. Billie managed to prop the hatch temporarily with one of the guns and drag Wilks in before the hatch crushed him.

During the breach the other two creatures were spaced but managed to get a grip on the outer hull and start smashing on it to get back in. With Wilks injured and Mitch still not repaired, that left Billie to go out into space and get rid of the creatures. Armed with four shots in the carbine, she went EVA exploring the hull and stumbling across one of the creatures. She fired a couple of round at it, drawing its attention and ended up missing the other two. The creature lunged at Billie missing her and was stuck free falling in space. Not yet convinced the last one would give up getting inside, Billie continued exploring the ship unarmed much to Wilks' and Mitch's protests. Billie found the last creature by the thrusters on the freighter with only a moment to spare Billie got out of the way as Mitch hit the thrusters and blasted the last creature into space.

Dealings with Spears

"Your survival is quite an achievement. A fluke, really, but no less heroic for that."
―General Spears, to Billie, Wilks and Bueller (from Aliens: Nightmare Asylum)

Two days after dealing with the stowaways, the freighter began to pick up transmissions from a nearby Colonial Marine base. Wilks was unsure what type of greeting the three would get when the freighter landed.

Coup and Loosing Mitch

Major Powell confronts Wilks in the Cargohold of the American. and began to stage the coup that would "supposedly" overthrow General Spears of his command. With Spears on the way, already knowing of the action, he attacks Billie and Wilks with the machine gun to the hopper after sending in a decoy. Getting away only to realize Spears had let all the aliens, including the queen loose on Third Base. With Bueller in the environmental control room he sets off the lights, gravity, air, anything to slow Spears down. But they are caught, by Spears and Bueller turns off the lights, the guards turn on their NVG's or "spookeyes" and Mitch turns on the lights blinding the guards, giving Billie, Wilks, and Powell the escape. Only once Wilks attacks the guard of the starship MacAurthur, Powell dies of a ricochet Pulse Rifle AP round, Both Wilks and Billie get on the ship, and Bueller doesn't make it on the MacAurthur. Mitch contacts both both Billie and Wilks on the ship, and says his goodbyes as Third Base is overrun with the aliens, that's the last time Billie ever saw Mitch again.

Escaping Spears

"I can't believe it, we're finally going to get somewhere safe."
Billie, to Wilks (from Aliens: Nightmare Asylum)


Mitch Bueller

Billie first met Mitch after she came out of cryosleep and tried to blend in with the squad to avoid being caught by Colonel Stephens. Mitch started talking with Billie soon after in the mess hall on The Benedict. After a crude remark was made at Bueller by a fellow marine and Mitch fiercely defending Billie's honor on that remark. She came to realize that the marine was attracted to her. Wilks eventually caught on to the tension between the Marine and Billie, he warned Billie not to get close to Bueller stating that she would get hurt. Billie was angered by Wilks' remarks and chose to pursue her relationship with Mitch.

Mitch offered to give Billie a tour of the ship which she accepted. The two later became intimate on the ship. Later Mitch was taken hostage by the pirate Massey and his synthetic soldiers and sent to the surface of the infested planet weaponless. Billie did everything in her power to rescue Mitch and the stranded marines. Mitch and the Marines set out to the nearby hive to rescue the hived crew of The Benedict much to the protests of Billie. Mitch responded that he couldn't explain it but that he would like to talk to her about that when he got back.When Wilks and Billie made it to the surface Only Mitch and Blake survived the trip into the Hive and saved the sole surviving crewmember there. Mitch was then bisected by an ambushing xenomorph revealing him to be an android and not human. Billie was in shock and horrified by this discovery and bitter that Mitch would keep that from her.

After escaping Earth, and landing at General Spears' military installation; Billie was still struggling with her resentment with Mitch and had at times let her anger boil over at Mitch. She had a hard time after Spears' men allowed Mitch to be "mobile" with what legs they gave him to move on his own again.

Dylan Brewster

David Wilks

Cpl. David Wilks first met Billie in the final stand at the colony on Rim in 2179 when Billie was ten years old during the infestation in the colony. Wilks and Billie managed to survive the encounter. After returning to a station, Billie went to live with some relatives and Wilks returned to active service, they wouldn't meet up for another thirteen years. Although since first meeting up on Rim, Billie's relationship with Wilks was almost a father/child relationship due to the age gap between them where Wilks was old enough to be Billie's father. Wilks did have a soft spot for Billie often looking out for her, such as when she began to pursue a relationship with colonial marine Mitch Bueller.

Behind the Scenes

Original identity

Billie was originally Newt before Newt was scripted to die in Alien3.

Originally, the character of Billie was in fact Newt from Aliens; the early comics in which the character appeared were a direct continuation of that film's story, featuring Newt and Corporal Hicks continuing the fight against the Xenomorphs. However, following the release of Alien3 in 1992, in which Newt is killed on Fiorina 161, the character from the comics was renamed Billie so that the stories in which she features were still compatible with the film series. This change first appeared in the novel Aliens: Earth Hive, an adaptation of the comic series Aliens: Outbreak, while subsequent reprints of the comic books have also adopted the altered identity.