"We're in a war zone, Dave."
Lemieux (from Predator 2)

Bill Lemieux[2] was a news reporter working for KNLA 3 who followed the escalating gang violence in Los Angeles in 1997.[1]


Lemieux was no stranger to war zones; before covering the raging gang warfare in Los Angeles, Lemieux had reported on the urban conflict in Bogotá, Colombia.[2] He had also worked in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and Buenos Aires in Argentina. He shared a particularly strong rivalry with fellow reporter Tony Pope, who resented Lemeieux for his greater experience in foreign correspondence, particularly with regard to his war zone coverage.[2]

Bill Lemieux reporting

Lemieux reporting on the shootout.

Lemieux was present when several heavily armed Colombian Scorpions engaged SWAT officers from the Los Angeles Police Department after two motorcycle cops were shot when they stumbled upon a drug deal. Despite the carnage raging all around, Lemieux stood his ground and delivered a report to his network, KNLA 3.