Big Red, also known as the Samurai Predator, was a Yautja encountered by Batman in the fan-film Batman: Dead End and the Clan Leader of the Gotham City Hunting Party. However, Big Red only appeared in the end scene of the movie, accompanied by members of his hunting party, that probably stalked the Xenomorphs that had infested Gotham City. Big Red is distinguished by his unusual red armor which includes a red bio-helmet with black ornaments and golden Wristblades.


Not much is known about Big Red aside from the fact that he was the Clan Leader of the Gotham City Hunting Party which conducted a Hunt in Gotham City.


Behind the Scenes

NECA action figure biography

"The unique red armor and brighter flesh tones distinguish the Big Red Predator from others in the clan. It is assumed Big Red has and affinity for the Samurai culture as evidenced by his ornamental belt and the 2 Katana swords that hang from his right hip. Contrary to most Predators, his wrist blades are golden in color and are housed on his left gauntlet as opposed to the traditional right side location. Legend has it that Big Red has encountered many Xenomorphs and an infamous vigilante during his hunt."


  • At some point in 2012 NECA released an 8' action figure of Big Red, alongside the Wasp and Albino Predator.



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