A Berserker Super Predator was a member of the Super Predator Clan on LV-412. The Berserker seemed to be a leader of sorts for the clan. At some point, the clan gained the ability to control Xenomorphs by capturing a Queen. However, some Xenomorphs, including a Drone, managed not to be controlled by the Super Predators. The Drone eventually managed to fight through the Berserker's Super Predators and defeated him in the Temple Arena, freeing its Hive.


The Berserker seemed to serve as a leader of sorts for the Super Predator Clan on LV-412, being the last Super Predator a Xenomorph Drone had to face to free its Hive. At some point, the clan captured a Xenomorph Queen, which allowed them to control most of her Hive's Xenomorphs. However, some Xenomorphs, including the Drone, managed to not be controlled by the Super Predators.

After gaining control of Xenomorphs, the clan captured a Jungle Hunter and forced him into the Temple Arena on LV-412 to serve as a test of the Super Predators' control over the Xenomorphs. The Berserker personally oversaw the test, sending multiple Xenomorphs to try and kill the Jungle Hunter. After the Jungle Hunter killed all of the Xenomorphs, the Berserker jumped into the Arena himself and quickly defeated the Jungle Hunter. While lying on the ground, the Jungle Hunter sent a warning signal to his clan leader, before being stabbed through the head and decapitated by the Berserker.


The Chestburster erupts from the Berserker.

After killing numerous Super Predators, the Drone managed to reach the Temple Arena, ready to fight the Berserker with its "newfound skills." After the Berserker's Plasmacaster failed to kill the Xenomorph, the Berserker engaged in hand-to-hand combat. However the Xenomorph managed to damage the Berserker, who then jumped out of the Arena and sent in Super Predator-controlled Xenomorphs to fight. The Berserker then jumped back into the Arena, but he again took damage and jumped back out, sending in more Xenomorphs. After, once again, jumping back into the Arena, the Berserker again took damage and quickly jumped out of the Arena to remove his bio-helmet and jumped back in. The Drone eventually weakened the Berserker enough to jump on, stab him multiple times and then place a Facehugger on his face, subduing him. The Berserker eventually awoke, but the Berserker-Alien Chestburster inside him erupted, killing the Berserker.



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