"I get to help you Marines know your place in the Professor's larger plan."
Bergren (from Aliens: Rogue)

Bergren[2] was a member of Larson's security forces at Charon Base, acting as Larson's second in command. A particularly sadistic individual, he was tasked with capturing Private Choi after the Marine made threats against Professor Kleist.

Bergren was killed by Choi with a throwing knife after dumping him in the Hive at Charon Base.


"End of the line, dog boy."
Bergren, to Choi (from Aliens: Rogue)
After Private Choi verbally threatened Professor Kleist following the death of his lover Boone on another of the Professor's Xenomorph retrieval missions, Kleist ordered Larson to have Choi caught and thrown to the Xenomorphs as fresh breeding stock. After Choi fought off the three men initially sent to capture him, Bergren and another of Larson's men went to assist. After quickly subduing the unruly Private with a Taser Web rifle, Bergren took him into the Hive personally, taunting him before shooting him in the leg to immobilize him.

However, as Bergren attempted to leave the Hive through the airlock back into the main base, Choi killed him by throwing a combat knife into his chest.

Personality and Traits

"I've got to hand it to you, Choi, you are one tough mother. Maybe you'll be lucky. Maybe you'll bleed to death before implantation."
Bergren, to Choi (from Aliens: Rogue)
Sadistic even by the standards of Larson's security team, Bergren took great pleasure in having Choi killed in such an appalling way. While dealing with the Private, Bergren also went to great lengths to taunt him, both about his own fate and that of Boone, his lover.


  • Choi does not kill Bergren in the comics; Bergren instead incapitates Choi and safely walks into the facility before the Xenomorphs take him away.



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