The Beretta 92FS is an Italian-made double/single action semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9×19mm Parabellum.


The 92FS has been made famous through its adoption by the American military as their standard issue sidearm (in its military variant, the M9). Notably, the Beretta was one of the first pistols to feature a double-stacked magazine, giving it around twice the ammunition capacity of most competing pistols when it was first launched.

While only 5,000 of the original model were produced, today there are over 50 different models available, including the 93R machine pistol. Notably, an unlicensed copy of the Beretta 92FS is manufactured by Taurus in Brazil.


In Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, several of the survivors acquire Beretta 92FS pistols from the armory aboard the National Guardsmen's Stryker armored fighting vehicle.

In Predators, Yakuza hitman Hanzo carries a 92FS Inox as his primary weapon. It is fitted with ivory grips and a custom-made compensator.


  • In the 2010 video game Aliens vs. Predator, the United States Colonial Marine Corps uses a pistol visually based on the Beretta 93R (a three-round burst derivative of the 92FS) as their standard issue sidearm (even though its name, the VP78 Pistol, implies it is based on the Heckler & Koch VP70). It is capable of firing three-round bursts, a feature of the 93R (burst fire is also a feature on the aforementioned VP70, when the stock is attached).
  • The 92FS was notably the sidearm of police detective John McClane in the first three Die Hard films.


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