Private Ben Ledward was a member of Sergeant Lopé's security team aboard the Weyland-Yutani Corporation colony ship USCSS Covenant. Hired as a security officer for the ship after a stint in the military, Ledward was part of an expedition sent to explore a mysterious planet after the Covenant was diverted there. While on the planet, Ledward was infected by alien spores, and was killed by the resulting creature that violently emerged from him.


Sabotage on the Covenant[]

"Can't get a clean shot, even if we get permission to fire. He's holding the service tech in from of him, and—"
Ledward describing a tricky situation to Katherine Daniels (from Alien: Covenant - Origins)

Before being recruited by Weyland-Yutani, Ben Ledward[4] served as part of a military force.[5] As of 2103,[6] he had been selected by Weyland-Yutani security officer Dan Lopé for a position aboard the colony ship USCSS Covenant. While aboard the ship, Ledward and fellow guards Ankor and Cole were summoned by acting leader Tom Hallet to deal with an incident in the Covenant's Terraforming Bay—a saboteur had used mining explosives to rig the exterior door and taken a hostage. Ledward assisted in sketching the situation to chief terraformist Katherine Daniels, expressing frustration at being unable to shoot the saboteur. He served as backup during the operation, in which the saboteur was effectively neutralized.[7]

Expedition to Planet 4[]

"I have to sit down. I'm so sorry. I don't know what's wrong with me."
Ledward beginning to feel the effects of the mysterious infection (from Alien: Covenant)
Ledward discomfort

Ledward shortly after being infected by mysterious spores

During the expedition to Planet 4, Ledward was assigned by Lopé to guard lead biologist Karine Oram while she investigated the ecosystem and took samples. Soon after, Ledward claimed to her that he needed to urinate in order to sneak a smoke break. Bored and indifferent to his surroundings, Ledward ventured into the nearby trees to light his cigarette and in doing so trampled several egg sacks on the ground. This released a cloud of airborne spores which entered his ear and penetrated his body, causing him irritation. Ledward briefly and absentmindedly scratched at the sensation, but otherwise continued with his duties.[3]

Ledward duly fell ill, and Karine escorted him back to Lander One for treatment. With Ledward's condition worsening, the two made it to the sick bay where pilot Maggie Faris discovered an unknown presence beneath Ledward's skin. Faris frantically evacuated the sick bay and secured the door, contacting the Covenant and Oram's expedition team. Due to Faris' panic, her message to the ship and Oram was unclear; even so, it was more than enough for Oram's expedition team to grasp the gravity of the situation.[3]

As Ledward's convulsions intensified, Karine attempted to reassure the guard, but was nearly injured by a barbed creature emerging from his back. This lifeform, a Neomorph Bloodburster, erupted from Ledward before attacking and seriously wounding Karine. It then turned its attention toward Faris, who tried to shoot the creature, and it pursued her throughout the ship before cornering her against a JCB skid steer in the cargo bay. In her panic, Faris accidentally fired at the lander's munitions locker which exploded and destroyed Lander One, killing her and stranding the remaining survivors on Planet 4. Ledward's body was incinerated in the detonation, with the Neomorph that had hatched from him escaping.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

"He's in the Army, so, essentially, when we go to the planet, he works as security for biologists and other crewmembers of the ship. Ledward's a bit careless. He's oblivious to a lot of the stuff that's going on, so much so that he wanders off and has a cigarette and stuff goes crazy for him."
―Actor Benjamin Rigby describes Ledward (from Alien: Covenant: The Official Collector's Edition)

Ben Ledward was portrayed by Ben Rigby.[3]