Dr. Begalli is the chief scientist of Grant´s expedition to the Xenomorph homeworld in Aliens: Genocide.

At first he works under Dr. Friel in order to create a synthetic queen mother as part of a plan to produce Royal Jelly on the long run for Grant´s company. When the Queen mother is killed in its premature form, Friel decides to stay in the mothership and deal with the damage. He sends him instead for the mission to attain Royal Jelly.

He acts mysteriously, though he gives useful information and advice to the team once it lands on the planet and fight the creatures. He is the one, who realises that there are two Xenomorph tribes on the planet and are fighting each other for dominance. With this information he gives them the decisive information they need in order to advance in their mission after they met with the unexpected presence of so many Xenomorphs on the planet.

In the meantime it has become clear during the mission, that there is an infiltrator on the ship targeting Grant. Because of his behaviour Daniel Grant thinks he is the saboteur on the ship. After confronting him, when they reached the target, he realises he has his own agenda, but is not the saboteur. He then is unexpectedly killed by the Queen Mother who guards the Royal Jelly.

The saboteur turns out out to be Henrikson, who intends to murder Grant and the rest as part of a plan to kill Grant and get away with it under orders from Medtech, a rival company who wants to take everything away from Grant once he is dead and who has paid Henrikson to make that possible.

Grant, however, destroys his plans, overpowers him and leaves Henrikson to die on the planet at the hands of the creatures as part of a plan to distract them in order to return to the spaceship and leave the planet alive with Colonel Kozlowski, the last other surviving member of this group. It succeeds.


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