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Baxley about to shoot Coyle, who in turn will shoot him.

Baxley was a former member of the United States Marine Corps[2] suffering with a form of PTSD, which manifested as Tourettes. Unlike his fellow "Loonies" he is initially trying to keep to himself to avoid having outbursts and is later reluctant to track and fight the Fugitive Predator. After being coaxed by his friend, Baxley helps McKenna with his goal on saving his son from the Predator and later Traeger, who kidnapped him.

Baxley kills a few of the Stargazer military force until their numbers are even with The Loonies. The groups then join forces to survive the Upgraded Predator's assault. Baxley is impaled on a tree branch in attempt to distract the Predator by jumping on it and using his knives on it. After Coyle is also mortally wounded in the attack, they both shoot each other in an act of mercy.


Like the rest of The Loonies, Baxley suffers from PTSD as well having tourettes, this behavior caused him to appear very strange and unsettling to others who do not know him very well. Despite this, Baxley was fearless and a competent soldier, killing efficiently with his knives and even jumped on the Upgrade Predator while it was on fire and knifed it to the point of drawing blood and damaging one of its eyes.


During his confrontations with the Fugitive and Upgrade Predators, Baxley armed himself a Heckelr & Koch MP7A1. He also carried a Beretta 92FS as his sidearm, notably using the weapon to simultaneously mercy kill Coyle when they were both mortally wounded by the Upgrade Predator.




  • His character was named after Craig R. Baxley, the stunt coordinator of the 1987 film. Craig is also a movie director.


  1. Baxley's actor's (Thomas Jane) height is 5ft 10 (177.8 cm), so that is also how tall Baxley would have been.
  2. Fred Dekker (writer), Shane Black (writer and director). The Predator (2018), 20th Century Fox [DVD].
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