Commander Barton was a member of the Coast Guard in the early 2190's. In early 2192, Barton was the commanding officer on board The Dutton with his subordinate Ensign Lyle. During a routine debris sweep in the atmosphere, The Dutton came across an old derelict ship close to reentry and Barton ordered Lyle to detonate it with a charge from the probe.

During the sweep of the ship the probe managed to get snagged, and Barton told Lyle to remove it so they could clear the blast zone when the timed explosives went off. As the probe left the ship the crewmen were horrified to see a strange creature holding on to the returning probe. Panicking, they worked to get the Xenomorph out of The Dutton when the probe returned, but the creature made its way into the cockpit. The Xenomorph got ahold of Lyle, killing him with a Headbite. Barton, in a panic, bumped the ship's accelerator. Before the creature could kill him, The Dutton crashed into the derelict ship, detonating the nuke and incinerating both Barton and the Xenomorph. The whole incident was preserved on The Dutton's blue box.


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