Sideshow Collectibles statue of a Bad Blood Predator with its trophy.

Bad Blood is the phrase used for any Yautja that has turned against its own kind and severely violated aspects of the Yautja Honor Code - intentional or not.


If the individual is found to have brought dishonor to his people and flees before accepting punishment, there can be no forgiveness according to Predator tradition. Other Predators are allowed to eliminate the outcasts on sight. Bad Bloods are never accepted back into Predator society. Wandering aimlessly, some Bad Bloods have been known to hunt and slay anything alive, including other Predators.

Bad Bloods are seen as more hostile and "mentally unstable" Predators. These sadistic hunters still use skills taught to them by their brothers, but use them dishonorably and purely for their own personal gain. Bad Blood equipment is usually the same as a normal Predators, though some have been known to posses unique weapons, like machetes.

Enforcer Predators are tasked with hunting down known Bad Bloods and eliminating their existence. Whether these Predators operate as a police caste or bounty hunters, or act solely out of personal duty is unknown.

Notable cases

  • The first known Bad Blood was the Bad Blood Predator, a mentally unstable and psychotic Yautja that began a mass murder in New Jersey whilst being simultaneously hunted down by the Enforcer Predator. Its madness was eventually put to end by black ops member Mandy Graves.
  • Machiko Noguchi was a human female who became part of a Predator clan to join the hunt. However, once she discovered that the clan had begun hunting humans, she betrayed them and killed several members, siding with the humans that her clan intended to prey upon.
  • Tichinde was an ill-tempered, un-Blooded predator who exhibited signs of dishonor and disrespect even before truly turning bad-blooded. He murders another predator, Aseigan, outside of an acceptable context (self-defense/legal death match), then goes on to kill several unarmed humans and other unworthy trophies, including children. Later, he tries to kill the rightful Leader, Dachande.
  • Two-Stripes was a young blood predator that stole the kill of a fellow hunter of his clan, Light-Stepper, and he tried take credit for it. Nevertheless, he was busted when his fellows find Light-Stepper, revealing his actions to the Leader Top-Knot. As a result he was expelled from the clan, stripped of his gear and abandoned on the hunting planet, at the mercy of the aliens.
  • Stone Heart, Swift Knife and Long Spear were all captured and brainwashed by Humans. Despite this, they are labelled as bad-blood and Scarface is tasked with giving them honorable deaths. In that, at least, their honor can be restored.
  • Scarface himself came close to being labelled a bad-blood, but since he submits to punishment and exile, he is given a chance to redeem himself and reclaim his titles a century later.
  • A Clan of Bad Blood Yautja are the Killers, these ruthless hunters track and kill Yautjas from other clans. Their clan operated a civil war in East Africa during the 21st century and fought the honored Yautja led by Machiko Noguchi during the 22nd Killers War. They also held sway of a tusked variation of Xenomorph.
  • A rash Bad Blood hunts the Batman one year after his first encounter with a predator. It begins a killing spree to find and kill Batman, possibly for revenge or obsession with the "champion" of Gotham defeating the experienced hunter, even foregoing camouflage or subtlety in its pursuit. It is hunted by a pair of Predators trying to stop it, though what crime it committed is unknown.

Known Bad Bloods



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