"What I've done to men, you wouldn't believe..."
Baby Blew (from Predator: Concrete Jungle)

Baby Blew was an ex-porn star-turned organized crime boss and the leader of the Working Girls gang in Neonopolis in 2030. As well as being the leader of the Working Girls, she was also a Borgia Industries employee, and her gang represented the primary means by which the company smuggled its Prometheus Tech into the city, through the docks that the Working Girls controlled. As an associate of Borgia Industries and a dealer in Prometheus Tech, Baby Blew found herself the target of the Yautja Scarface when it traveled to Neonopolis to Hunt those who had proliferated his species' equipment.

Baby Blew was killed by Scarface when the Yautja raided her dockyard seeking to destroy a Borgia Industries shipment.


When El Hongo came to her and her group for protection from the Yautja Scarface, remarking that she "wouldn't believe what it's done to men..." Baby Blew pushed him back onto the couch and replied, "What I've done to men, you wouldn't believe!" and proceeded to give him a lap dance, all while Scarface was disconnecting the power of her group's facility. When the power was cut, it shorted out the cloaking system that hid their Chameleon Suits. El Hongo ran away from them in fear and was caught and skinned by the Yautja. While Baby Blew was giving Lucretia Borgia the synopsis of what had happened, Scarface uncloaked himself behind her. Using Vocal Mimicry, he gained her attention by repeating her response to El Hongo. When she turned around, Scarface stabbed her in the gut with his Wristblades. The last thing Baby Blew heard before dying was a mimic of her voice telling her to "relax and enjoy."




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