"I hate hosing these bastards down. I always get shite all over me boots."
Frank, regarding Babe's corpse (from Alien3 Special Edition)

Babe was one of eight oxen used for menial labor at the Fiorina "Fury" 161 Class C Work Correctional Unit. She was impregnated by the Royal Facehugger that arrived on the planet on board the USS Sulaco's EEV. She later died of seemingly natural causes before birthing a Xenomorph Runner, the "Dragon", that had gestated inside her.


When Ellen Ripley crash-landed on Fiorina 161, Babe and the colony's other oxen were used to recover the EEV from the shore. At some point, unseen by the prisoners assisting in the process, Babe was attacked and impregnated by a Xenomorph Royal Facehugger that had stowed away on board the EEV.

Babe later died of seemingly natural causes, having simply "just keeled over" according to inmate Frank Ellis. She was taken to the prison's abattoir by Frank and Thomas Murphy, where she would be cut up and used in a stew for the inmates later on. However, while the prisoners were attending a funeral service for the deceased Rebecca Jorden and Dwayne Hicks, the Xenomorph Runner that had been gestating inside Babe emerged and escaped into the prison's ventilation shafts.

Behind the scenes[]

Babe and the other oxen do not appear at all in the theatrical cut of Alien3. Instead, the Runner gestates inside Spike, a Rottweiler that Thomas Murphy keeps as a pet. The scenes featuring Babe were later reinstated for the extended Special Edition. The ox as a host was ultimately dropped because it was considered too cumbersome an animal, whereas the Xenomorph in the film was intended to be fast and lethal. The Rottweiler that replaced it was deemed to be far more appropriate.[3]