Baal was the android assigned to help Alecto Throop track down Lucien Keitel.  He was damaged after an attack;  after being repaired with another android's components, he warned the others that he might become corrupted by the other's programming.  This did indeed happen;  during an attack by one of Keitel's followers, he allowed said follower to release a Facehugger from an egg that was secretely stored in a large crate.  Massey managed to kill the follower just as he was being facehugged but the parasite immediately left the body and leapt at him instead. The corruption caused by the other Android's programming caused Baal to stand idle and refuse to help Massey as the Facehugger latched onto him;  this almost got Throop and company killed as the Xenomorph from Massey ambushed them. Baal later moved an egg on to the chest of an Engineer causing it to be impregnated;  the resulting Xenomorph went on a rampage and even killed other Xenomorphs.  Baal was also killed by the Jockey-Xenomorph.


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