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Axis Animation's logo.[1][2]

Axis Animation is a British animation studio consisting of a team of producers, directors, designers, artists and animators.[1] Axis has worked on numerous titles (usually on trailers and short films) including the Halo series,[3][4] Sucker Punch (2011),[5] Infinity Blade: Origins (2013),[6] Need for Speed Rivals (2013)[7] and Fable Legends.[8] Axis' work has won numerous industry accolades, most recently the Imagina Grand Jury Prize and a Best Animation BAFTA.[1]

Axis Animation worked on the Aliens: Colonial Marines trailer "Contact"[9][10] and the Alien: Isolation trailer "Improvise".[11][12][13][14]


Aliens: Colonial Marines[]

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When Axis was approached by agency Uber and their client SEGA about Aliens: Colonial Marines, Axis was "very exited" as "There is hardly a person here at Axis who isn't an Alien fan!"[9] Axis director Stuart Aitken, "one of the biggest Alien fans [Axis has] ever known," was on hand to direct and give the project "his signature style."[9]

Alien: Isolation[]

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