"To hell with the Company rules. We have to get him into the infirmary where the autodoc can work on him."
Joan Lambert to Ellen Ripley (from Alien (novel))
Autodoc Nostromo Alien

An autodoc medical device aboard the USCSS Nostromo.

An autodoc, or AutoDoc, was a fully-automated medical scanning, diagnostic, and treatment device equipped with an overhead visual display and a surgical tool-kit.


"Better put him in the support chamber. Let it work on him."
Ash (from Alien: The Illustrated Story)

While autodocs lacked the ability to perform complex surgeries like a Pauling MedPod 720i, an autodoc could treat lesser wounds, infections, and was also able to reset broken bones. As it was also less expensive, the autodoc was more widespread than the Pauling, with almost every colony, station, and ship being equipped with at least one such device.


Following USCSS Nostromo crewmember Thomas Kane's infection by a mysterious alien parasite on the moon of LV-426 in 2122, ship's captain Arthur Dallas and science officer Ash examined the executive officer using the onboard autodoc located in ship's the infirmary.

Director’s Cut[]

Later, warrant officer Ellen Ripley encountered Dallas trapped in a nest created by the alien that had emerged from Kane; Ripley offered to help the captain to the autodoc, though Dallas ultimately convinced her to euthanize him with her flamethrower.



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