Seegson Audio Recorder

A C-24 Magnetic Tape Recorder containing an audio log aboard Sevastopol Station.

Audio logs, also known as audio diaries or archive logs, are information stored in the form of verbal recordings, typically saved to data pads or other hard disk storage devices. They are a common form of collectible item in video games, often providing additional background to the game's story for those who are willing to search for them. Audio logs appear in this role in the video games Aliens vs. Predator, Aliens: Colonial Marines and its expansion Stasis Interrupted, and Alien: Isolation.

Audio Logs on BG-386

See also: Aliens vs. Predator audio diaries

Many of the colonists and Weyland-Yutani employees stationed on BG-386 recorded audio logs as a means to preserve their experiences. This practice was common among the Weyland-Yutani researchers on the planet, who would frequently record their discoveries and theories as a matter of course. The practice was also prevalent among the civilian inhabitants and their ill-fated Colonial Marine rescuers following the devastating Xenomorph outbreak that overran the human colony of Freya's Prospect.

Numerous audio logs were recovered by Rookie during his mission on BG-386, helping to shed greater light on what had caused the Xenomorph infestation. In particular, recordings made by the Weyland-Yutani team investigating the Yautja ruins on the planet, and by project leaders Karl Bishop Weyland and Dr. Groves, helped to uncover the company's illicit attempts to both acquire advanced Yautja technology, and breed Xenomorphs for use as a biological weapon. Several of Weyland's personal recordings also revealed that he may not be human (a fact later discovered by Rookie first-hand) and established a direct link between him and Charles Bishop Weyland.

Audio Logs on LV-426

Many of the Weyland-Yutani research staff stationed at the Origin Facility on LV-426 recorded their findings and updates on the facility's construction through the use of audio logs, and many of these recordings were later found by Corporal Winter and the other Marines from the USS Sephora. Notably, one of the logs found by the Marines had been made by Anne Jorden, shortly after her husband Russ was attacked by a Facehugger inside the derelict ship.

Audio Logs on the Sulaco

Lance Bishop used audio logs to record status updates aboard the USS Sulaco. Newt also recorded a thank you message for Cpl. Hicks while he was recording his distress message following the incident on LV-426. Samwell Stone later found a status update from Bishop and Newt's message.

Audio Logs on Sevastopol

See also: Alien: Isolation archive logs

When Amanda Ripley arrived on Sevastopol Station in 2137, she discovered numerous audio logs recorded by the station's inhabitants both before and during the Xenomorph infestation that had by then ravaged the station. These included everything from day-to-day messages to desperate final words to loved ones.


  • Once the player has found all of the audio logs in Aliens vs. Predator, they will unlock the trophy/achievement "Harsh Language". Similarly, once the player has found all of the audio logs in Aliens: Colonial Marines, they will unlock the trophy/achievement "I Heard THAT". Both are named after quotes from Private Frost in Aliens. Finding all of the audio logs in Stasis Interrupted will unlock the trophy/achievement "We're Still Collating", a quote from Ash in Alien.
  • Several of Karl Bishop Weyland's audio logs in Aliens vs. Predator reference the films of the Alien franchise. One makes mention of Ripley's actions during the first three films of the series (although she herself is not named), while two others mention Charles Bishop Weyland and the events of the film Alien vs. Predator.
  • Aliens versus Predator 2 contains numerous text logs scattered throughout its campaigns that serve a similar purpose to the audio logs in later games. Many of the notes found in the Marine campaign hint at events that occurred in the Primary Operations Complex during the six week gap in the game's Alien campaign.