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Artifact chamber

The Artifact Chamber was a temple constructed by the Engineers on the world of LV-1201 and held one of their devices that became known as The Artifact. Around the chamber were numerous Pilot-tech systems that operated items such as stasis chambers that kept an area filled with Xenomorph Eggs in a state of suspended animation. In addition, it was the effects of the Artifact that kept the Xenomorphs from entering into the chamber.

Around 1730, a Yautja clan arrived on the planet where they began hunting the local prey. This was until they encountered a more worthy prey in Xenomorphs and a hunter discovered the Artifact Chamber. Seeing the Artifacts power, the hunters created a camp that was safe from the Xenomorphs and allowed them to embark on their hunts without any threat. However, the Artifact went offline which allowed the Xenomorphs to attack the camp until a hunter managed to reactivate some of the systems.

By 2230, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation had established a base of operations on the planet and they discovered the presence of Pilot technology in the area they called the Zeta Site that contained a Xenomorph hive. Dr. Eisenberg dispatched a team of Synthetics on a mission into the Artifact Chamber to retrieve the relic inside but they failed to return though some of the video feed was sent back to their base. The Iron Bears found a buyer of Pilot technology and General Rykov dispatched Major Dunya on a mission to retrieve the Artifact. She managed to fight a horde of Xenomorphs where she found safety in the Chamber as the power of the Artifact kept the aliens at bay. She later inserted a Worm device to interface with the Pilot systems and shut them down so she could take the relic. However, this caused a cascade that damaged the Chamber and closed off one of the entraces. Despite this being the case, Dunya managed to escape where she made it to friendly lines whereupon she took the Artifact back to Forward Observation Pod 5.


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