Artemis is a local woman from the Bunting Islands, introduced in Predator: Hunters.

"Uninvited Guests"

Artemis is first seen as a servant for Dr. Henry Bunting's feast as he welcomed Jaya Soames along with her team to Amelia the following night. There she listened as Bunting as he regaled the "research team" on the history of their colony, as well as the game reserve on Kehua. When Bunting and the other Islanders see Jaya and her team off, Artemis discreetly whispered in her ear to come back and take her away before she tearfully bids her farewell.

Ending the Hunt

Once the Hunter team are captured by Henry Bunting and his crazed Islanders to be released on Kehua as armed prey for the Exiles, Artemis runs into Jaya. Having had enough of Bunting's atrocities, she leads Jaya to her boat back to the ship where Artemis is able to distract a guard long enough for her to impale said guard with her machete. Soon after Artemis frees the rest of the ship's crewmen as Jaya has a helicopter prepped to rescue the team off Kehua.

A New Hunt

Sometime after the incident on Amelia Islands, Artemis has taken up residency in Jaya's private home island in the Indian Ocean. She is present when Jaya is briefing the team on a Predator attack in Eastern Afghanistan that was caught on camera.


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