"Destroy the Empress. She will not gloat over me."
―Dr. Eisenberg (from Aliens versus Predator 2)

Doctor Arnaud Eisenberg[1] was a research scientist for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation and the director of the company's research facility on the planet LV-1201.

In that time period, Weyland-Yutani had followed the flight telemetry of the derelict ship found on LV-426 and discovered a world full of life and dotted with the ruins of an extraterrestrial civilization—and infested with Xenomorphs. This planet would become known as LV-1201.[2]

The Company established a long-term research facility under Dr. Eisenberg to study the planet, the ruins, and the Aliens.


Early life[]

Eisenberg was the child of a rich family with considerable sway in Weyland-Yutani circles, as the founders of modern Synthetics. His father was involved in bleeding edge research involving neural imprinting into prosthetic limbs.[2]


Scattered pages of Eisenberg's journal in an old observation post

First expedition to LV-1201[]

In 2222, Eisenberg was the only survivor of a disastrous first expedition to LV-1201; when a massive storm cut off his outpost's security systems and communications, he was forced to kill and eat his colleagues. He suffered severe acid burns during a rescue attempt.[2][3] This led to his consciousness being secretly ported into an identical synthetic body using his father's research technology.

Return to LV-1201[]

10 years later,[2] Eisenberg was in charge of the now extensive research facilities established on LV-1201. He clashed with Weyland-Yutani over management of Xenomorph research on the planet, with W-Y fearing he was more interested in controlling the Hive than the commercial applications they were seeking.[4] Working on LV-1201, Eisenberg devised the sympathetic theory of pheromone relations.[5]

The operation on LV-1201 suffered several setbacks. On September 23, 2230, one of the Forward Observation Pods was destroyed in a mysterious incident.[6] On November 25, the entire Primary Operations Complex was lost when it was overrun by Xenomorphs.[7] Also, Eisenberg frequently clashed with General Vassili Rykov, whose mercenary group known as the Iron Bears was in charge of security on LV-1201's W-Y facilities.[8]

Operation Savior[]

On January 6, a squad of Colonial Marines arrived on LV-1201 aboard the USS Verloc, sent by W-Y after contact was lost with their facilities due to the Incident.[9] Eisenberg devised Operation Savior, an LMSE designed to simultaneously eliminate the marines and capture the Empress of LV-1201.[10] Unfortunately, Operation Savior failed when capturing the Empress failed to pacify the Xenomorphs, who rather than being cowed into submission out of fear that the Empress would be harmed, assaulted Eisenberg's forces with renewed vigor.

In a callous act of desperation, Eisenberg ordered a team of combat synths to murder the crew of one of the Verloc's dropships so that he could commandeer the dropship and flee the planet with the Empress held captive. With the Empress in tow, Eisenberg fled to a landing pad to await the arrival of his stolen dropship. However, Eisenberg's escape was thwarted by a tenacious Drone who disabled the landing beacon, causing the dropship to crash and be destroyed.


Eisenberg cocooned in the Hive

Faced with the complete and utter failure of his plans, and with his only hope for escape now cut off, Eisenberg's final spiteful act was to grab a shotgun and attempt to murder the Empress, ranting that "she will not gloat over me." However, the drone was able to incapacitate Eisenberg and liberate the Empress.[11]

The Xenomorphs then abducted Eisenberg into the Hive, where they dismembered and cocooned him in the Empress's chamber. Rendered helpless and surrounded by his greatest fears, Eisenberg was driven insane and presumably died a slow and agonizing death.[11]

Personality and Traits[]

"I had a heated conversation with Dr. Eisenberg today. He's an arrogant one. His family is powerful — the founders of modern synthetics hold great sway on the WY board. Still, he's overestimating his protection. His father's foray into medical applications leaves the investors cold. Dubious profit and dubious technology. Yes, he's had successes imprinting neural patterns onto synthetic adaptive networks, but costs are insane — a handful might afford such operations. And there are rumors of facility loss — emotional altercations and instability. Of course, given that his subjects are generally terminal beforehand, who's to say it's the procedure."
―Auditor's Report — Appended notes

The main villain of the story, Eisenberg was an arrogant, amoral, cowardly, and mentally unstable man. Eisenberg apparently held little regard for the lives of others, deceiving, betraying, and sacrificing them in order to serve his own twisted agenda. He betrayed the Colonial Marines and jeopardized the safety of his own facility by enacting a foolish and evil plan to kidnap the Empress and dominate the Xenomorphs, while simultaneously luring the marines to their deaths in order to cover up his own failures.


Eisenberg barricaded inside of his office, cowering in fear from the Xenomorphs

Eisenberg was also highly intelligent and had a strong instinct for survival, as demonstrated during his experiences in Expedition One. As a result of these experiences, Eisenberg harbored an intense fear of Xenomorphs which caused him to become obsessed with controlling and dominating them. Eisenberg's consciousness being transferred to a synthetic body most likely also contributed to his mental instability. He notably did not seem concerned at all with Rykov's emphasis on dealing the Predator that were also involved in the ongoing conflict.

"End of the line. We made the run without a single casualty, but we're all as good as dead. We have nowhere else to go. Not enough food, but more importantly, not enough water. Observation Post 4 has been overrun. The camera link shows it awash with Aliens. They swarm around the place, right up and over the emergency food stores. They seem to be taunting us. Is it that? Do they know we can see them? They don't understand how resourceful we humans can be. Or at least how resourceful I can be. I will not starve."
―Eisenberg's journal, Expedition One



  • The fact that he is an android is not known from the start, but rather learned from a few data files in the game, along with the fact that he emits no pheromones (from the player Alien's perspective), similar to the combat androids.
  • Despite being a Synthetic, Eisenberg has the same amount of health as a normal human, so a Headbite, pounce, claw or a well-aimed tail would be enough to "kill" him instantly.
  • Eisenberg is the only example of a synthetic being cocooned in a Hive, despite not being a suitable host for the Xenomorphs. It almost seems as if he was claimed as a trophy. Being a synthetic, he would not die from being dismembered, making his fate particularly gruesome. This also suggests vengeance on the part of the Xenomorphs, torturing him for having threatened the Empress.
  • Eisenberg's corpse is found in the central compound of the multiplayer level 'Korari compound'. He is dressed in his garb from the Expedition One flashback.


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