Not to be confused with Arachnid Alien.


The Arachnoid is a specialized purebreed molt of a Drone, purposefully developed as adept ambush hunters. Arachnoids are notable for lying curled up on the ground as they wait for prey, they can remain in this state for several days until a perfect moment to strike becomes available. They are also known for their incredible jumping capabilities and extraordinarily high speed.


The Arachnoid is a greyish colored Xenomorph variant with the Arachnoid-Strain Xenomorphs being a purple and black hued brood which adapted significantly stronger leg muscles, allowing them to jump higher and move faster.

They have a different carapace which has a sort of a crest, similar to that found on the Queen mother. That could mean that they are a pure breed type with genetic modifications made in the Queen's Egg sack. They can also be found with a purple mesoskeleton, or purple cleats. The mesoskeleton protects the shoulder pad layer, which acts as a protector of the soft but useful blades of shoulder.


Arachnoids can jump higher than any other Xenomorph which means that they almost have no boundaries of movement. They wait for their prey while curled on the ground, usually in multiple numbers.



  • In mid-2019 NECA released a figure of the Arachnoid alien that was featured in Alien vs. Predator (1994 arcade game) and is shown below in the image gallery.
  • In late 2021, NECA re-released the Arachnoid with a more film-like repaint.



See Also[]

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